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Nobody Monitors and Measures Media Better
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Introducing the All-New
The 2015
PR Measurement
A FREE educational ebook for PR professionals
from CyberAlert LLC and Paine Publishing.
AMEC Measurement Month September 2015
The 2015 PR Measurement Handbook
The new PR Measurement Handbook is the most comprehensive ebook ever assembled on PR measurement.
+Insights on key trends in PR measurement;
+Advice from leading experts in measurement;
+New PR measurement strategies and techniques
The 2015 PR Measurement Handbook contains 21 separate articles, 74 pages of content and 40+ illustrations on topics like:
  • Evolution of PR Measurement
  • Current Best Practices in Earned Media Measurement
  • Barcelona Principles 2.0
  • The Social Media Monitoring & Measurement Imperative
  • Managing the PR Measurement RFP Process
  • How to Choose a Media Measurement Service
  • #1 Reason PR Gets No Respect: Stupid Metrics
  • Aligning PR Measurement with Corporate & Brand Goals
  • Sentiment Analysis Software vs. Human Analysts for Media Measurement
  • The "Kick-Butt Index" in Media Measurement
  • How to Avoid the Top 10 PR Measurement Atrocities
  • Methods to Keep PR Measurement on Budget
and much more!!

Paine Publishing
CyberAlert, Inc. LLC
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2015 PR Measurement Handbook
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