Time-Based Ad Metrics Gain Popularity

Time-based metrics appear to be gaining greater acceptance as a new advertising and marketing metric.  

Just this week, the Financial Times announced it will sell online advertising based on costs per hour (CPH), measuring not just whether an ad is seen or not, but for how long. FT asserts that the CPH metric is far superior to the standard cost per thousand (CPM) metric that measures impressions or clicks. Under the new ad payment structure, brands will no longer pay a fixed rate per impression because their ad appears on a page that a reader opens. Instead, they will pay a variable rate based on the time that readers actually view the ad. The new billing structure responds to ongoing controversies about the actual viewability of many online ads. Continue reading


How to Succeed with Social Media Videos — the New High-Octane Marketing Tool


social media video

Photo credit: Dara Bu

Brands that ignore social media videos risk missing a prime marketing opportunity to reach millions of consumers.

Social media videos offer brands a high-powered marketing tool. They tend to attract more viewers, lead to more sharing among viewers, and deliver better ROI. They are accessible to anyone with a smartphone, are easy and affordable to produce, and are ideal for building trust with customers.

One in three millennials watched mostly online video and not broadcast TV at all last year, according to a survey by The New York Times. A quarter of online video viewers watched less TV than they did the previous year. The growing popularity of short online videos can be seen in the proliferation of new social media outlets stressing video and Facebook’s recent video enhancements. Most every consumer has at some time been seduced into watching an online video segment. A high portion of consumers prefer online video communications to text. Continue reading


PR Tips & Tactics for Startups

Public relations can provide substantial benefits to startups, even early-stage startups. Good PR can help emerging businesses attract talent, increase visibility, improve employee morale, impress investors and boost fundraising.

Startups often delay PR until their product is ready for launch or at least out of beta testing. But PR does more than support product launches. It’s a valuable tool for gaining investor support, a critical resource for startups. Even before product launches, PR can seek media coverage on the company’s research, patents, and new board members. Continue reading


Snapchat Marketing Ideas for Brands

Snapchat is one of the most successful new social media venues. It reportedly has over 100 million users. Average users are highly engaged, visiting the app frequently.  It’s one of the most popular apps among millennials.

Snapchat is unique among social media outlets, as Brad Lawless, vice president of sales for Collective Bias, points out. Users have a limited amount of time to view photos and videos, or “Snaps.” As of March 2015, the limit was 10 seconds, according to Snapchat. Senders set the time limit.

Snapchat’s “My Story” feature allows users to create video montages that can be viewed an unlimited number of times over a 24-hour period before disappearing.  The “stories” are simultaneously shared with the user’s friends.  As with many emerging social media platforms, the app’s guidelines are constantly changing as it seeks to meet desires of both users and advertisers. Continue reading


On the Value of Social Media Marketing Analytics

value of social media analysisSocial media analytics are a critical element of effective social marketing. Analytics provide organizations data and insights needed to plan strategies, measure performance, improve tactics, and link social media marketing to key business outcomes like sales and revenue.

Unfortunately, many marketers have trouble getting their arms around analytics and using them effectively to improve marketing outcomes. Only 15 percent of marketers say they can quantify the value of their social media campaigns, according to a CMO survey.

Continue reading


Facebook’s Instant Articles May Change PR

facebook instant articlesFacebook’s recently-announced Instant Articles may revolutionize publishing and change public relations along with it.

Through Instant Articles, Facebook will host entire articles from media outlets on its own platform. Facebook boasts they’ll load up to ten times faster than typical web articles now loaded through apps.

Facebook has included many features to attract publishers to Instant Articles. Each article displays the logo of the publication and includes a “follow” button enabling viewers to subscribe to the publisher’s Facebook page. Articles can contain photos with audio captions, graphic displays, videos, interactive graphics and embedded tweets. And, of course, articles include social media features including likes, shares and geo-tagging. Continue reading


Free and Low-Cost Press Release Distribution Services for Public Relations (PR)

free low-cost press release servicesWhether distributed directly to journalists or through press release distribution services, the news release remains one of the most important tools of public relations.

Most large companies and PR agencies maintain their own media lists of press contacts for news release distribution or utilize fee-based services such as Business Wire to distribute their press releases. The companies especially favor paid services for financial reporting and major product announcements, as the major fee-based news release distribution services have proven to supply the widest coverage and best placements.

Some organizations, especially small businesses and non-profits that believe they cannot afford paid press release services, attempt to save costs by using free or low-cost services. The free online services argue that they can increase exposure and readership and help improve search engine rankings even if the coverage does not achieve the breadth of major paid services.   Continue reading