CIPR President Shares Lessons on Leading a PR Association

Thursday - 31 July 2014
Stephen Waddington

CIPR President Stephen Waddington

In advance of upcoming elections at the Chartered Institute for Public Relations in the UK, outgoing president Stephen Waddington reflected on the traits, attitudes and work styles needed to effectively lead a PR association — or any other type of professional organization, for that matter.  Continue reading


How to Do a Complete U-Turn on Negative Reviews

Thursday - 31 July 2014

U-TurnAll businesses dread negative reviews. Few see them for what they truly are: opportunities.

If you think about it, the benefits are obvious. Negative reviews:

  • Help you learn your weaknesses and mistakes
  • Enable you to show off your committed customer service to other consumers
  • Provide an outlet to turn an unsatisfied customer into an advocate  Continue reading

Experiential Marketing: Where PR and Marketing Meet

Thursday - 31 July 2014
Adidas Jump with Derrick Rose

Consumers are much more likely to remember an experience than a written written article. PR and marketing can team up to create experiential marketing campaigns.

Guerrilla marketing. Experiential marketing. PR stunts.

Many terms are used to describe this effective communications tactic and more and more companies are experimenting with the technique. But one thing’s for certain: the tactic has become so popular that audiences now expect much more from brands than flat content and one-way communication.  Continue reading


5 Non-Communication Skills That PR Professionals Need

Wednesday - 30 July 2014
PR Skills

Communication skills aren’t the only qualities that make a good PR pro. Here are 5 non-communication skills needed in the public relations field. Courtesy of Stuart Miles via

Earlier this month, we shared a LinkedIn discussion in which group members answered the question, “What’s the most important communication skill for PR professionals?”

While it is indeed crucial that PR pros possess communication skills, there are other important qualities required to carry out public relations activities successfully. We rounded up some of must-have non-communication skills in PR and shared them below:  Continue reading


Executive News Briefs: The Best Way to Keep Decision-Makers Informed

Wednesday - 30 July 2014
Daily News Brief

Executive news brief condense hundreds of daily news clips into a short read that focuses on the articles affecting your business the most.

Imagine if the president of the United States woke up, skipped breakfast, and went through his day full of meetings and public appearances without first being briefed about what was going on in the world. The day probably wouldn’t end so well.  Continue reading


Does Bashing Competitors with Attack Ads Really Work?

Tuesday - 29 July 2014

Attack ads can turn friendly competition into whack-a-mole. Should brands avoid it altogether — or is there value to competitive marketing? Courtesy of Jeffrey Kontur

Bashing the competition is often considered taboo in marketing. Few brands want to risk the backlash that follows from the competitor and its customers.

But sometimes competitive marketing — taking direct aim at the competition — does pay off.  Continue reading