PR Careers: Perception Diverges from Reality

Public relations professional is among the over-rated jobs, according to new research. Perception falls short of reality for jobs like PR executive that can be stressful, involve long hours and have a high turnover, reveals CareerCast’s annual Most Overrated Jobs of 2016 report

The study rated professions based on U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers on growth outlook and pay along with variables such as workplace environment and stress. It also drew on a survey that identified respondents’ dream jobs, and popular majors at U.S. colleges to find what jobs are on the wish list among potential job seekers. Continue reading


Elements of Effective B2B Content Marketing Today

content marketing tips for successSuccessful B2B content marketers follow similar strategies. They have a documented content marketing strategy, stress creation of high-quality content, and measure content marketing performance, reveals the B2B Content Marketing: 2017 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends — North America.

B2B marketers believe content marketing is a successful strategy. Most (62%) of the B2B marketers surveyed say their content marketing has been much more or somewhat more successful than a year ago, according to the study by MarketingProfs and the Content Marketing Institute. Marketers named improved content creation and developing or adjusting their content marketing strategy as top reasons for more effective content marketing.  Continue reading


6 Steps to Stop Trolls from Harming Your Brand’s Reputation

troll brand reputationTrolls – those discontents who hurl inflammatory, hateful attacks and start pointless arguments online — seek only to cause havoc and undermine a person’s or a company’s hard-won reputation. Once mainly a problem for individuals, trolls are increasingly attacking organizations online. Attempting to reason with them or accommodate them won’t work since they want only to cause mayhem and bring attention to themselves.

They’re different from – and far worse than – disgruntled customers. Irate customers might insult your company and might even desire to start an argument. But at least most remain open to reason and usually just want customer service to promptly resolve their complaint. Trolls are uninterested in solutions. They just want to raise hell.

Here’s advice on how to combat trolls. Continue reading


Many Influencer Marketing Campaigns Lack Proper Disclosures on Payments; FTC Cracking Down

The Kardashians have frequently failed to disclose that their posts are paid advertisements, consumer advocates say. Image source:

The Federal Trade Commission has released guidelines for disclosing sponsored social media posts. Yet many social media influencers and brands have not gotten the message.

Paid advertisements masquerading as innocent photos continue to abound. Informed readers likely find them annoying. Marketers may be especially annoyed, feeling they make the entire marketing industry look bad. Continue reading


How to Improve Collaboration between PR & Marketing (and Boost Business Results)

PR & marketing cooperationMarketing and public relations increasingly overlap due to the new dominance of digital communication and the new higher degree of transparency between businesses and their audiences. By working together, public relations and marketing teams better deliver the organization’s message, support the brand’s image and create measureable results.

Integrating the two is more critical than ever, says Peter Krainik, founder of the CMO Club. “Unfortunately many companies are missing the mark,” he writes in Forbes.

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How to Avoid the Most Prevalent Social Media Measurement Errors that Afflict Most Everyone

common social media measurement mistakesGauging the value of social media marketing remains a continuing challenge for many organizations.

Accurate measurement is essential to decide how much to invest in social media and to determine which campaigns perform best. However, both companies and nonprofit organizations find that selecting the right metrics, measuring the value of social media, and connecting social media campaigns to key business objectives can be challenging.

Digital marketing experts say that these are the most common social media measurement pitfalls. Continue reading


Bold Change Required to Benefit from Data Analytics

Companies must embrace bold change and abandon incrementalism to fully benefit from data analytics, asserts a new Gartner white paper.

Incremental change may feel safe, as managers believe it avoids mistaken commitments to the wrong strategy. However, successfully integrating data analytics into digital business is not incremental. It calls for reorganizing the entire business model in a way that touches all operations, according to the white paper, Mastering Data and Analytics: ‘Table Stakes’ for Digital Business. It means embedding data and analytics within business processes as opposed to being an “after the fact” addition. Continue reading