The Stressful Life of PR Professionals


Stressed PR pro

Photo credit: Helga Weber

Are you feeling stressed? Public relations routinely ranks in surveys among the most stressful jobs. It’s a competitive field with tight deadlines, high visibility, and interactions with hostile members of the media or public. The topper: Crisis can engulf PR pros at any time.

Public relations executive was number six on CareerCast’s list of the 10 most stressful jobs of 2014 behind obvious high-stress jobs such as enlisted soldier, firefighter, military officer, and event planner. The CareerCast survey examined 200 professions and analyzed 11 different stress-provoking factors, including travel, growth potential, competitiveness, physical demands, hazards, environmental conditions and risk to one’s own life or risk to others’. Continue reading


10 Tips to Build Your Business with a LinkedIn Company Page

10 tips for a LinkedIn Company Page

Photo credit: Sheila Scarborough

Properly completed LinkedIn company pages can help generate sales leads, boost search engine rankings, attract recruits, and strengthen an organization’s image. In this era of social media engagement, every organization – corporate or non-profit, small or large — must be visible on LinkedIn.

According to LinkedIn, half of LinkedIn members are more likely to purchase from a company they engage on the social network. Both consumer and B2B consumers visit LinkedIn pages to confirm the organizations’ legitimacy and research backgrounds of their top executives. Customers and clients are more likely to patronize a company that has a well-designed, professional-looking LinkedIn page. Continue reading


Law Enforcement Agencies (and Corporate Security) Benefit from Social Media Monitoring


social media monitoring benefits for law enforcement

Law enforcement agencies realize the benefits of social media monitoring. Photo credit: West Midlands Police

The law enforcement community is increasingly turning to social media monitoring to prevent and investigate crimes.

Law enforcement agencies participating in a recent LexisNexis survey said social media monitoring has helped them find evidence, identify and locate suspects, solicit tips, and alert the public about crimes. One law enforcement agency used a tip from Tumblr to prevent a teen suicide. Often police find evidence needed to make arrests that criminals themselves post on social media networks. Continue reading


Crisis Simulations: New Method to Train Corporate Communications Teams for Social Media Crisis Management

social media crisis simulation

A crisis simulation session at the SXSW conference. Photo credit: Polpeo

Hospitals and police and fire departments have long conducted disaster drills to prepare for earthquakes, hurricanes, plane or train crashes, and other tragic events. These first-responder organizations have found there’s no better way to prepare for a crisis than realistic simulations.

Using simulations to train PR and corporate communications teams for a social media crisis is now gaining traction. A cottage industry of firms offering social media crisis simulations has developed. Some of the companies offering social media crisis training include HootSuite, Polpeo, Social Simulator, and SayItSocial.

ING Bank of Canada went to HootSuite for training to prepare for the announcement of its new name, Tangerine Bank, according to The Wall Street Journal. HootSuite showered the bank’s PR staff with negative comments. One wrote: “Nice redesign. I could have done that in my sleep. I’m sure you spent millions too.” Continue reading


PR Strategies: The “Secrets” to Creating Successful Online Videos

video benefits for public relations

Videos can no be produced with a smartphone. Photo credit: Joseph Morris

The use of online video – sometimes called streaming media — has boomed of late in marketing and social media. Public relations too can take advantage of the many benefits of video.

Video will account for 69 percent of all consumer Internet traffic by 2017, according to Cisco. Established social networks like Facebook and Twitter now emphasize shared video. New networks and apps focusing on video including Vine, Snapchat and Meerkat are quickly gaining popularity. Continue reading


Meerkat App May Transform PR, Social Media Marketing


Meerkat app for PR, Marketing

The first Meerkat app stream from a helicopter ride over New York City. Photo credit: Anthony Quintano

Meerkat, a live-streaming application, is being billed as the Next Big Thing that will revolutionize social media marketing.

The app lets users feed videos directly from iPhones to their Twitter feeds. Its advantage is its ability to deliver real-time engagement. Brands can instantly stream videos and immediately see and respond to comments and questions.

Officially launched at the end of February, the service already boasts 300,000 active users. Meerkat asserts the number of users is growing by about 30 percent a day. While cutting edge, it’s also simple. Users go to their Twitter account and click to start or schedule a stream. Brands are rapidly adopting the app. Continue reading


How Social Media Measurement Can Help Fix Your Content Marketing Problems

social media measurementPractically every business and non-profit these days is producing some sort of content marketing, creating a glut of Facebook and LinkedIn posts,  blogs, videos, ebooks, tweets, comments, pins, snapchats, and more.

A survey by the Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs revealed that 73 percent of marketers are now producing more content than they did in the previous 12 months. As brands continue to push for more posts, more images, and more videos, a number of content marketing gurus have warned that the current content marketing trend is unsustainable. Continue reading