The 7 Sins of Social Media Marketing

Wednesday - 1 October 2014

The buzz around a new “anti-Facebook” social media network called Ello may alert brands to the importance of social media etiquette.

Ello is attractive to social media users because it doesn’t break one of the seven deadly sins of social media marketing: stuffing everyone’s timeline full of ads and spam.

Tom Fishburne of Marketoonist put together a delightful comic called 7 Deadly Sins of Social Media Marketing to remind marketers that loud, spammy content is never effective on social media.

7 Sins of Social Media Marketing

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How to Blend SEO with Content Marketing to Drive More Traffic

Wednesday - 1 October 2014
SEO and Content Marketing Blend

SEO and content marketing should blend together like a berry smoothie. Here are some tips for using both marketing tactics in tandem to drive more traffic. Courtesy of Daniel Lee

Search engine optimization and content marketing go hand-in-hand. Without both, neither is effective.  Continue reading


4 Ways to Gather Customer Feedback for PR Content

Wednesday - 1 October 2014
Customer Feedback

Positive customer feedback can help convince prospects to make a purchase. Here are tips for gathering it. Courtesy of Stuart Miles via

Positive media placements go far in PR — but testimonials go even further.

Consumers place the most trust in their peers…period. Customer testimonials are the most convincing way to persuade prospects that the company’s products and services are valuable.  Continue reading


10 Easy Website Changes That Can Increase Conversions

Tuesday - 30 September 2014

Marketers always welcome ways to increase conversion rates.

Campaigns, contests and content can boost conversions significantly — but those all take planning and time. Small changes to key landing pages can improve conversion rates immediately.

Zach Bulygo compiled 100 case studies to create a comprehensive guide to conversion optimization. We tagged the cases that showed the best results from the smallest investments.  Continue reading


Will Ello Become the New Social Media Home for Anti-Facebook Consumers?

Tuesday - 30 September 2014


Ello, a new social media network, has attracted quite the buzz in recent days.  

Deemed the “anti-Facebook” for its stand for privacy and against advertising, Ello has amassed major publicity in just about every major news outlet including the New York Times, ABC News, Gawker, New York Daily NewsContinue reading


What Skills Do Public Relations Candidates Need to Get Hired?

Sunday - 28 September 2014
Job cartoon

Courtesy of studio tdes

Entry-level and mid-level candidates searching for PR jobs often have a general understanding of what public relations firms are searching for: press release writing, communication skills, etc. Of course, every candidate wants to show hiring managers that they’re the icing on the cake.  Continue reading