Redefining “Earned Media” and PR’s Role

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As PR competes with other SEO, marketing, and advertising, the boundaries between the functions blur. Definitions surrounding earned, paid and owned media have blurred even more in recent years as new marketing channels like native advertising emerged.

PR and marketing professionals view earned media differently. Marketers traditionally confine earned media to press and broadcast coverage and consider media relations to be PR’s central function. However, earned media has expanded to include blogger relations, influencer relations as well as mentions in everyday conversations and social media.

Marketing guru Heidi Cohen surveyed 38 marketing/PR pros for their opinions about earned media. Continue reading


How to Deliver a Brilliant Presentation

presentation tips and tricks

Steve Jobs was recognized as an outstanding public speaker. Photo credit: James Mitchell

Your heart starts pounding. Your palms are sweating, and your blood pressure is rising. You feel like you’re going into a war. That’s what happens when you’re about to deliver a presentation.

The thought of speaking before a group can frighten even the bravest people.

This advice from presentation experts can reduce your tension and help you deliver a performance that wows.   Continue reading


PR Experts Dissect Baltimore’s Crisis Response


Baltimore crisis management response

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake

Better crisis management could have prevented the recent violence in Baltimore, according to PR crisis management experts.

Public relations experts and others criticized Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake for poor crisis communications following the death of a man in police custody, saying her response only contributed to the problem. Continue reading


Forrester Study: Social Media Relationship Platforms Lack Analytics


social media measurement

Becky Brown, Intel director of media, views a display of the company’s social media data at the Intel booth during the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show. Photo credit: Intel Free Press

Social media relationship platforms, tools that help marketers manage social media accounts, fall short when it comes to providing useful data.

Marketers use the platforms to save time in managing multiple social media accounts and to obtain information about their social media posts. The relationship platforms don’t provide the important data marketers need to meet key business goals, Forrester Research concludes in a study that evaluates and rates 11of the vendors. Continue reading


The Evolving Press Release: Video Now the New “New Thing”


video press releses

Photo credit: Sascha Kohlmann

What’s the future of the press release? Some say the press release – or at least its traditional version – is dead.

Some PR pros say they’ve abandoned the old-fashioned press release in favor of 21st century tactics. Others believe the press release is still a central component of public relations, though it has taken on digital qualities. Proponents say the press release continues to enable PR to disseminate company news quickly to a large audience.

Anna Campellini, head of strategy at Vizy, an Italian company that creates video press releases for clients by crowdsourcing video makers throughout the world, says the traditional press release is dying. Continue reading


Why Former Journalists Often Fail in Public Relations


Do journalists make good PR pros?

Reporters frequently enter public relations, but some experts say they don’t always succeed. Photo credit: The New York Times via Wikipedia

Journalists seem to be piling into public relations. That’s no wonder considering the massive layoffs in media, growing pay gap between journalists and PR pros, and increasing number of PR jobs available.

The number of reporting jobs fell from 52,550 in 2004 to 42,280 in 2014, according to Labor Department statistics. PR jobs increased from 166,210 to 208,000 in the same period. Meanwhile, the pay gap between PR pros and journalists has increased. A Pew Research Center report says journalists now earn 65 percent of the median income of PR professionals. Continue reading


Video Metrics That Matter

Video metrics - youtube audience retention

YouTube audience retention. Image courtesy of Vidyard

With its inclusion in the major social media platforms, video has become increasingly important as a marketing and PR tool. In fact, it’s often described as the future of content marketing.

Studies show that over half of companies include videos in their marketing plans, and most marketers expect video to soon dominate their strategies. Video will represent 69 percent of all consumer internet traffic by 2017, according to Cisco. YouTube – the overwhelmingly dominant force in crowd-sourced video — receives over one billion unique visitors a month.

Almost 70 percent of B2B marketers use video, and 82 percent of B2B marketers reported success with their video marketing initiatives, according to Demand Metric. Continue reading