How to Spot a Fake Online Review, and What to Do Next

Tuesday - 2 September 2014

Online Review

Online reviews can make or break the purchase decisions of many future customers.

Most companies now have an individual (or a team) dedicated to addressing customer issues posted on social media and online review sites. Continue reading


An Introduction to Twitter Analytics

Sunday - 31 August 2014

This week, Twitter analytics became available to all users.

With only 32% of companies confident that they accurately measure social media’s impact, this free dashboard will undoubtedly help marketers understand how Twitter activities relate to the bottom line. Twitter analytics delivers a wealth of information about impressions, engagement, follower activity and follower data. Best of all, you can export all data into an Excel file.  Continue reading


15 Commonly Misused Words in Communications

Friday - 29 August 2014
Misused Words

Before you hit “send” on that next important email, review this list of commonly misused words.

Misused words are literally the worst way to get a reporter’s attention.

If that sentence seems fine to you, then you should review the following words on this list. Continue reading


How to Ensure Robots Don’t Write Your PR Stories

Friday - 29 August 2014
Robot Reporters

Robot reporters won’t replace human writers, but they will take on the “dry” stories that reporters don’t want. As robot-reporting technology becomes more sophisticated, so must PR’s writing. Courtesy of Robbie Sproule

When the Associated Press announced in June it was employing story-writing software for corporate earnings stories, everyone froze.

Journalists wondered if robots would replace their jobs, and public relations people worried their industry was next (then we would have robots writing press releases for robots).  Continue reading


5 Ways to Become “Hot” in Tech PR

Thursday - 28 August 2014
Tech PR

To keep up in tech PR, you need to understand the latest tech trends and what tech sites are looking for. Here are some tips.

Technology is a tricky industry for PR. While tech companies once kept silent about new gadgets and developments, more companies are now pulling back the curtain and becoming transparent.  Continue reading


Deconstructing Social Media: The Hype, the Lies and the Actual Truth

Thursday - 28 August 2014
Social Media Like

Courtesy of Tung Photo via

Editor’s Note: The following article is a guest post submitted by Rohan Ayyar of E2M.

Today, everyone from Bill Gates to Beyoncé to President Obama is active on social media, shaping the minds of generations with their profound opinions and ideas on the social web.

According to Pew Research, about three quarters of the entire online population uses social media on a regular basis. With the number of social networking sites growing exponentially every month, this figure will only edge closer to 100%.

Social media is now one of the first online platforms that startups hop onto to promote themselves. It’s free, easy and everybody’s on it. What’s not to love about it, right?  Continue reading


The 3 Goals of Content Marketing (and How to Meet Them)

Wednesday - 27 August 2014

Content Marketing Goals banner

If every company measured content marketing with the same key performance indicators, there’d be a lot of disappointed marketers.

Different goals require different measurement strategies. The formula for successful content is thus very simple: understand the “why” before ROI. Continue reading