Believe it or not: Summer is an Opportune Time for PR

summer PR ideas, public relations summer tipsThe normally fast-paced world of PR slows during summer while school is out, many people are away vacation, and the number of articles dwindles in news sources.

Many in PR fear they’ll win no news coverage during the slow summer months or that pitching isn’t worth the effort since fewer people are around to read the news. Many businesses are already looking forward to fall and winter publicity campaigns and not utilizing the summer to gain attention and traction.

In reality, summer offers superb opportunities for PR for a very simple reason: Continue reading


On the Value of Measuring Backlinks in PR Analytics

measure backlinks for PR measurementThere are many possible metrics for measuring PR. Some think it’s time to include backlinks as a key metric to evaluate PR success. Incoming links to a company’s domain are among the most important metrics for PR and search engine marketing, these advocates contend. Most PR and SEO experts recognize the value of link-building as a PR strategy.

Traditionally, PR endeavored to place original content in earned media, including print publications, online news, broadcast news and social media. PR pros now also strive to obtain links to those placements and the client’s owned media. Sometimes journalists might decide to place a link to your company website without mentioning the company by name. Those links without brand mentions still serve as a form of a mention. Continue reading


Small Businesses Embrace Social Media Marketing, but Fail to Monitor & Measure Results

social media marketing small buinessMost owners of small and moderate-sized businesses (SMBs) believe social media is the best strategy for improving their digital presence. According to new research by GetApp, 56% of small business owners and managers polled said that social media trumps all other digital brand-building techniques.

Mobile web sites cited by 28 percent of respondents was the second most preferred brand building tactic. Other less effective methods are mobile apps, digital signage, and near-field technologies from companies like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. Continue reading


How Companies and Brands Can Avoid Charges of Greenwashing

how to avoid greenwashing charges

Image source: Teda13 via Wikipedia

Many corporations have assumed a leading role in educating the public about protecting the environment, in developing more environmentally-friendly products, and in positioning their products as “green.” Sometimes though positioning and promoting green products goes too far in a practice labelled as greenwashing.

The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) defines greenwashing as portraying company products or actions as green while in practice the company takes the opposite actions. Greenpeace calls greenwashing “the cynical use of environmental themes to whitewash corporate misbehavior.” It vows to “confront deceptive greenwashing campaigns, engage companies in debate, and give consumers and activists and lawmakers the information and tools they need to confront corporate deception …”

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Critical PR Lessons from Alligator Tweet by Disney Intern

disney alligators PR lessons

A sign at Walt Disney World. Image source: Donald West via Flickr

Disney’s firing and subsequent rehiring of an intern over a single tweet about alligators showcases how social media has changed public relations. PR can learn several important lessons from the story.

Disney intern Shannon Sullivan tweeted a photo of a sign that instructed employees on responding to visitors who asked about alligators at Disney’s Magic Kingdom’s Tom Sawyer Island. If visitors asked if there are alligators there, employees were instructed to say: “Not that we know of, but if we see one, we will call Pest Management to have them removed.” Continue reading


How to Prepare for Successful Media Interviews

how to prepare for a media interview

Image source: woodleywonderworks via Flickr

Although business executives and subject matter experts have extensive knowledge on their particular companies and niche areas, they may not be experts at media interviews. It’s PR’s role to prepare and train them for media interviews. While media interviews can substantially improve the value of a news story, they can be intimidating even for experienced PR practitioners.

Preparing the media spokesperson is key for a successful media interview. Continue reading


How Marketers Succeed on Instagram

instagram marketingInstagram boasts more than 500 million users, including more than 300 million daily active users. It’s been gaining 100 million users, or Instagramers, every nine months. Because of that rapid growth, Instagram has joined the ranks of Twitter and LinkedIn as a major social media. Instagram has become a channel that brands targeting millennials cannot ignore. 

Instagram’s frequent updates mean marketers need to work to stay abreast of its new features. Its transition from a chronological to algorithm-based timeline seems to frighten some marketers, based in social media reactions. Though Instagram says its new feed will provide users more personalized results based on their previous interactions, brands fear their reach will drop. Only people who engage with them or similar content will see their posts. Continue reading