5 Ways to Get Publicity without Sending a Press Release

Saturday - 25 October 2014
Get Publicity

Score media placements with these PR tips that don’t involve writing press releases.

Press releases are the tried-and-true method for placing company stories in the media.

But with PR professionals now outnumbering journalists by nearly 5:1, press releases aren’t always the best way to stand out. More refined PR tactics can better capture the attention journalists and bloggers and earn placements — without relying on press releases. They include:  Continue reading


Quick Thought #20

Friday - 24 October 2014

Managing Media Contacts

Keeping track of media contacts can be a nightmare for PR professionals.

Would it make sense to use CRM (customer relationship management) software to manage on-going contacts with journalists, bloggers and influencers?

Should one of the CRM software companies step up and produce specialized relationship management software for use in public relations?


Social Media Ripple Effects: The Value of Real-Time Content

Friday - 24 October 2014

Ripple Effect

The mobile consumer wants to know what’s happening now.

Social media posts about events are 5 times more likely to draw clicks when they’re posted within 24 hours of their occurrence, according to research from ShareThis. Implication for PR and marketing professionals: if you’re writing about something the next day, you’re too late.  Continue reading


Isaac Asimov: The Secrets to Creating Ideas

Friday - 24 October 2014

Isaac Asimov

Fifty-five years ago, science fiction author and biochemistry professor Isaac Asimov wrote an essay contemplating the origin of creative ideas, and the elements required to create them. This week, that essay was published for the first time — and its contents offer superb lessons for writers and creative thinkers today.

The essay, published by MIT Technology Review, was found by Asimov’s friend and scientist Arthur Obermayer as he was cleaning out old files. As Obermayer puts rightly, “its contents are as broadly relevant today as when he wrote it.”

Here are some of our favorite thoughts from the essay that may help stir creative and innovative ideas for your next product or blog article:  Continue reading


Your Website Traffic Just Plummeted. Now What?

Thursday - 23 October 2014

Traffic DownA sudden dive in traffic, conversions or revenue usually puts marketers into panic mode.

Since getting rattled won’t do much good, we suggest reviewing Jason Amunwa’s The Usual Suspects: Troubleshooting for Tanking Metrics. Amunwa prepares a list of the usual measurement suspects and explains where to look in Google Analytics and other measurement tools for the cause of the problem.

Here are the common panic-raising measurement problems, followed by the issues that cause them:  Continue reading


What’s the Final Verdict on Content Syndication?

Thursday - 23 October 2014
Content Syndication Verdict

Is content syndication effective — or spammy? Courtesy of walknboston

Is content syndication a spammy SEO tactic that’s grounds for Google penalties? Or is it an effective method for distributing content and establishing thought leadership?  Continue reading


Social Listening, Employee Empowerment and Other Ways to Manage Reputation

Wednesday - 22 October 2014
Reputation Management

Courtesy of Stuart Miles via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Reputation management is getting more attention from executives and board members.

70% of senior communications managers said more consideration is being given to communications at the board level, according to an MSLGroup survey called Reputation: With or Without You. In addition, 86% of companies are considering different approaches to building corporate reputation.  Continue reading