As Ad-Blocking Software Use Grows, Marketers Must Turn to Native Advertising

Sunday - 14 September 2014

Browser extensions like Adblock are advantageous for frequent social media users and online shoppers. But to digital marketers, ad-blocking software is a growing threat.

The number of people using ad-blocking software has increased 69% in the past year, according to new research from Adobe and PageFair. The 2014 Adblocking Report found that 28% of U.S. Internet users have installed adb-locking software, with the software exceptionally popular among millennials.

Adblocking Growth

Courtesy of Adobe and PageFair

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California Law Makes It Illegal for Businesses to Fine Customers for Bad Reviews

Saturday - 13 September 2014

Yelp logoA number of businesses — notably hotels — have buried “non-disparagement clauses” in their terms and conditions that allow them to charge customers for posting negative reviews.

But that practice is now illegal in California: a new law signed this week by Governor Jerry Brown makes it unlawful for businesses to enforce any clause that prohibits consumers from making negative statements about the business.  Continue reading


5 Proven Ways to Build Customer Trust

Friday - 12 September 2014
Building Customer Trust

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Public relations is the brand’s trust-builder.

Through earned media, content marketing and social media, PR creates messaging that convinces consumers they can trust the company. Bad reviews, privacy concerns and spammy messages break trust with customers, and it’s PR’s job to handle these issues. Continue reading


Quick Thought #18

Friday - 12 September 2014

In a 1967 essay during the era of mainframe computers, management guru Peter Drucker wrote:

“I don’t think it takes too much imagination to see that a typical large company is about as likely to have its own computer 20 years hence as it is to have its own steam-generating plant today. It is reasonably predictable that computers will become a common carrier, a public utility, and that only organizations with quite extraordinary needs will have their own.”

His prediction is just now coming to fruition with cloud computing. In the same essay Drucker also predicted: “The computer will reduce the sheer volume of data that managers have had to cope with.”  Alas, that too may come to pass. 

The essay, “The Manager and the Moron”, is an enlightening look at economic development in the 20th century with prescient predictions and insights that still have great value for today’s managers. 


Types of Facebook and Twitter Posts That Generate the Most Engagement

Friday - 12 September 2014

Imagine eating the same food for every meal or listening to the same song every day. Life would get pretty boring.

Social media content has a similar effect. When audiences see the same type of posts over and over — a headline with a link, for example — they tire of it quickly. Alternating different types of content and images can greatly improve social media engagement.  Continue reading


Media Monitoring Service Prevails in Copyright Infringement Suit Brought by Fox News Network

Thursday - 11 September 2014

Ruling Opens Opportunity for Resolution of Decades-Old Business Dispute

Fox News vs. TVEyes case

Courtesy of Brian Turner

On September 9, a New York federal judge ruled in a copyright infringement suit brought by Fox News against TVEyes that indexing, searching and delivering snippets of news to media monitoring clients is a “transformative” process that fits the copyright law’s definition of “fair use.”  Continue reading