Google Limits Keyword Data – How Marketing and PR Can Respond

google keyword planner limits dataMarketers, PR and SEO professionals turn to Google’s Keyword Planner to refine their keywords when producing blog posts and other website content. To their dismay, Google has severely curtailed functionality of inactive AdWords accounts or accounts with low monthly spending. Targeting the right keywords is essential for winning top organic search engine results.

Marketers who don’t spend enough on AdWords now see broad ranges for average monthly search volume on their keyword inquires. Those broad ranges, such as 1K to 10K, offer little insight and may be practically useless, they say. Continue reading


Why Key Messages are Essential for PR – and How to Create Them

how to develop key PR messagesKey messages build the foundation of public relations. They help PR prioritize efforts, ensure consistency, and stay focused when speaking to the media, employees and other stakeholders.

“In addition to audience retention and the ability to respond to questions faster, having agreed-upon messaging in place helps you align client stakeholders, build spokesperson confidence and provide a useful metric when measuring and tracking success,” asserts Solo PR Pro.

Developing key messages is the first and perhaps most important step in PR. If a PR campaign fails, there’s a good a chance it might be due a weak or nonexistent key message. If journalists don’t report what you desire, before you blame them, check if you properly developed and re-enforced a key message. Continue reading


Donald Trump’s 7 Major Public Relations Mistakes

Trump PR mistakes lessons

Trump at an Oct. 4 rally in Arizona. Image source: Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Pundits praised Donald Trump’s PR skills when he out maneuvered competitors during the Republican primaries. Company spokespeople could learn some lessons from the real estate mogul turned politician, they said, even if they disagree with him. His outlandish remarks and confrontational style produced substantial media attention that was instrumental in winning primary votes.

Observers still say you can learn PR lessons from Trump – that is, you can learn what not to do. Lately, pundits have turned to criticizing how the nominee addresses the public and the media. Continue reading


Why PR Must Push for Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility can win media attention and public respect. New research also shows that socially responsible companies enjoy superior financial performance.

Recognizing that social responsibility supports long-term business performance, companies are allocating bigger budgets to the community engagement team, according to The CEO Force for Good, produced by the CECP in association with The Conference Board. Companies are elevating titles, roles and responsibilities of the giving officer, and ensuring that both employees and customers are able to show their commitment to giving back through the brand. Continue reading


12 Tips for Accomplishing More at PR & Marketing Conferences

tips for attending conferencesThe fast-approaching conference season offers a goldmine of learning and networking opportunities for PR and marketing professionals. Besides presenting superb opportunities to promote your brand, conferences offer an excellent opportunity to learn about industry best practices, emerging trends and valuable business skills.

While conferences overflow with valuable information and networking opportunities, compressed schedules create a time crunch. Attendees who don’t define their goals and sufficiently plan their activities may squander the occasion. Continue reading


Are Press Releases a Waste of Time or an Effective PR Method?

do press releases work?Some public relations professionals argue that press releases are an antiquated and worthless strategy.

Last month, PR professionals produced an average of 1,092 press releases per day. They’ve generated 236,356 press releases so far this year, according to Shift Communications. Most attracted little attention, asserts Christopher Penn, vice president of marketing technology at Shift.

Shift Communications analyzed a random sample of 1,052 releases extracted from the raw Google News database of millions of news stories from 2016 and scanned the releases for key content. It matched press releases to known newswires and distribution companies by domain name, as well as URLs matching “press-release” or “news-release” and similar variations. Continue reading


New Customer Behavior Calls for New PR & Marketing Tactics

inbound marketing 2016Because of changing customer behavior, traditional sales tactics have become increasingly ineffective and closing deals has become more difficult. The gap between buyer expectations and marketing/sales tactics has widened.

Hub Spot’s State of Inbound 2016 report reveals that 40% of salespeople say it’s getting harder to get a response from their prospects. In addition, 57% of salespeople feel buyers today are less dependent on salespeople during the decision-making process compared to just two to three years ago. Continue reading