Social Listening, Employee Empowerment and Other Ways to Manage Reputation

Wednesday - 22 October 2014
Reputation Management

Courtesy of Stuart Miles via

Reputation management is getting more attention from executives and board members.

70% of senior communications managers said more consideration is being given to communications at the board level, according to an MSLGroup survey called Reputation: With or Without You. In addition, 86% of companies are considering different approaches to building corporate reputation.  Continue reading


How to Dissuade PR Clients from Old-School SEO Techniques

Wednesday - 22 October 2014
Old-School SEO Techniques

Courtesy of Duncan Hull

A lot has changed in search engine optimization, forcing PR techniques to change with it.

Most in public relations know this, and have updated their programs and strategies accordingly. Unfortunately, many clients and executives remain attached to “old-school” PR techniques, such as:  Continue reading


Emotional and Practical Metrics to Measure Customer Experience

Wednesday - 22 October 2014
Customer Service Call Center

Measuring customer experience requires emotional and practical metrics. Courtesy of David Castillo Dominici via

Customer experience predicts business success. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most difficult factors to measure.  Continue reading


5 PR Lessons That Celebrities Taught Us

Tuesday - 21 October 2014

Nearly everything celebrities do comes under public scrutiny. Some celebrities abuse their media spotlights with scandals and bad behavior. Quite a few, however, take advantage of their public attention and make smart business decisions to further their careers.

Corporate PR representatives can learn a thing or two from PR strategies of celebrities. We’ve chosen five celebrities whose efforts serve as exemplary PR lessons. Continue reading


Social Media Marketing: 5 Tactics You Haven’t Tried Yet

Monday - 20 October 2014

You’ve seen them before: the research studies that claim everything you’re doing on a particular subject is wrong. You’re exercising the wrong way. You’re eating wrong. And you’re doing social media marketing really wrong!

Instead of telling you what you’re doing wrong, we’d like to offer some social media marketing tactics that can complement your current strategy. The following tactics stand out from the typical social media tips and advice we’ve seen and are certainly worth trying:  Continue reading


Mobile Marketing: Integrating the Sidekick into Your Strategy

Sunday - 19 October 2014
Batman and Robin Sidekick

Companies are still using mobile marketing as a sidekick in their marketing strategy. Courtesy of Ingrid Richter

Most brands focus on digital marketing as the hero, and relegate mobile to the role of sidekick. 

It’s not an optimal approach, given that consumers now spend 39% of their Internet time on smartphones and 12% of that time on tablets, according to research from comScore and JumptapContinue reading


Leveraging “Insta-Fluencers” for User-Generated Content on Social Media

Saturday - 18 October 2014
Dom Perignon photo

Courtesy of Jared Chambers

A breathtaking photograph of a city is sure to garner many likes from social media fans — especially if that photo includes your product in it. Imagine the engagement the photo would receive if it were taken by a photographer who already has a strong social media following.  Continue reading