Combine Data and Storytelling to Invigorate Your Content

data for PR marketing storytelling contentStatistics can increase the power of your message. Data in business presentations can help persuade your managers and peers. Statistics in media pitches can gain the attention of editors. Numbers can make your content more interesting and trustworthy, whether you’re creating blog post, SlideShares or videos.

PR pros can mine data from a number of sources, including Google Analytics, in-house resources, and media monitoring services, to tell more persuasive stories and bolster their credibility. Continue reading


Social Media Marketing Lessons from Withering Vine

vine social media marketing

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Once a social media favorite, Vine is wilting. News outlets and pundits – all with their own puns — say leading influencers are swinging away from Vine to Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

When the platform launched in 2013, its shareable, four-second looping videos quickly ripened into an influencer marketing dream. Companies eagerly partnered with influencers to create branded videos, or Vines. Continue reading


Content Marketing Propels Growth of Agencies and Clients

content marketing for public relations success

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Content marketing is a major factor propelling the growth of digital marketing and PR agencies – and many of their clients.

Over 64 percent of agencies report that they are either stable or growing, according to a new survey by content marketing company Tempesta Media. Of the 50 percent of agencies reporting outright growth, the median growth rate was 26 percent. The accelerating commitment to content marketing is an important factor building confidence.

Digital agencies and PR firms are wholeheartedly embracing content marketing as an integral part of their service offerings. Most (81 percent) already offer or plan to offer content marketing to clients this year.  Of those companies growing, 90 percent offer or plan to offer content marketing services to customers. This compared to less than 50 percent for companies with declining revenues. Continue reading


How to Combat Comment Spam in Blogs

how to avoid blog comment spamAs blogs become more popular, they attract more comments. Many of those comments are spam, generated by automated programs to create backlinks.

PR and marketing pros responsible for managing corporate and client blogs can often easily identify spam comments, but some are difficult to spot. Many comments may not actually be spam but add no value. They may be irrelevant to the post or even nonsensical. Culling through scores of comment submissions can become a time-consuming chore.

Comment spam plug-ins such as Akismet for WordPress can catch the bulk of spam, but much still escapes, as spammers continually become more sophisticated. The automated spam catchers are not sufficient to eliminate all spam comments. Human review is needed. Continue reading


What Are the Essential Metrics to Evaluate PR Success?

Public relations metrics, PR measurementQuantifying PR efforts is often challenging. PR has traditionally found it difficult to find the numbers that justify their work to management, measure their contribution to the bottom line and gauge the effectiveness of their various strategies. Measuring PR efforts is now mandatory if PR is to protect its credibility, budgets and business influence. PR measurement is more important than ever because of the spread of digital media and its focus on analytics.

The first challenge is to identify the absolutely, positively essential metrics to use for analyzing PR success. These are some of the most essential PR metrics. Although basic, general metrics such as websites visitors can be viewed in Google Analytics, more sophisticated measurements specific to PR purposes require a media monitoring service. Continue reading


Case Study: Challenges of PR Blogger Outreach & Link Building

PR blogger outreach link building

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A blogger outreach case study revealed a surprising degree of commercialism among bloggers. The findings show that PR may face difficulty obtaining backlinks by contributing posts to bloggers.

In his blogger outreach campaign, Alex Jones, a PR pro with Hallam Internet in Nottingham, England, pitched what he believed was interesting and relevant content to UK home, lifestyle and parenting bloggers, specifically “15 Practical Home Security Tips for Summer.” Using a media data base, he identified 299 bloggers and webmasters to contact. Continue reading


Facebook’s Author Tag Can Boost the Brand of Corporate Writers in PR and Content Marketing

Facebook’s author tag offers a potent way to build a personal brand. It’s surprising more bloggers and content marketers have not taken advantage of the feature. 

Facebook said it introduced the author tag last year to make it easier for readers to follow authors and for writers to connect with readers. “Journalists can then build deeper relationships with their Facebook followers by engaging directly in conversations, holding Q&As, and sharing behind-the-scenes content,” said Facebook Product Manager Vadim Lavrusik. Continue reading