How Mature Is Your Social Media Monitoring Strategy?

Are you taking the right steps to improve your social media monitoring strategy?

The investments in social media monitoring tools and strategies are increasing, and for good reason — having a solid strategy in place is important to manage online reputations, uncover customer conversations and stay up-to-date on the latest news about your company and its industry.

How do you determine whether your social media monitoring strategy is actually effective? According to Three Reasons a Social Media Monitoring Assessment Makes Business Sense, businesses must ask three questions in assessing the maturity of their social media monitoring strategy: 

(1) How efficient is your social media monitoring strategy, and are you investing enough?

(2) How effective is your strategy — are you getting the best benefit possible?

(3) What are the next steps to take to improve ROI?

Included in Walter Adamson’s article is Kinship Digital’s Social Media Monitoring Maturity Model, a roadmap of five levels indicating a company’s advancement in utilizing social media monitoring. Each stage represents how the company is using their social media monitoring strategy. The most basic and least beneficial level: the Reactive stage, encompassing companies that monitor only on a case-by-case basis using free tools.

Level 1 – Reactive: Free tools used on an inconsistent basis. At high risk of brand or reputation damage.

Level 2 – Monitoring: Pro tools used on “distributed chaos” basis, reports basic data. At risk of brand or reputation damage.

Level 3 – Engagement: Invests in staff, training and platforms for content to increase engagement.

Level 4 – Coordination: Strategy is consistent across the organization, with a social media competency center to share expertise and information.

Level 5 – Intelligence: Optimizes social media activities from improved processes to more advanced metrics.

It’s worthwhile to locate your company’s “maturity” on the model and consider how you can advance your media monitoring program to the next level and, ultimately, to Level 5: Intelligence. Organizations reach the highest level of social media monitoring when they coordinate social media information, optimize social media activities, use advanced metrics and integrate big data with key business activities.

Where does your company lie on the Social Media Monitoring Maturity Model?

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2 thoughts on “How Mature Is Your Social Media Monitoring Strategy?

    1. William Comcowich Post author

      Hi Walter,
      The pleasure is all mine — the model does a fine job of characterizing companies by how they use their social media monitoring strategy. It’s a helpful process that our audience and any business can look at, point to where their business sits, and consider, “How can I get to the next Level?” Great to hear your feedback on our blog, as well.



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