Microsoft recently proved that once you mishandle a brand crisis, it’s difficult to repair your reputation.

In Five Lessons in How NOT to Handle a PR Crisis: a Microsoft Case Study, Alex Maunder guides PR pros through each step of Microsoft’s failures after its audience responded negatively to the reveal of gaming console Xbox One.

Its biggest downfalls: conflicted and confusing responses to the media’s and consumers’ questions, and canceling its remaining interviews with the media. This left Microsoft vulnerable for its competitor Sony to jump in and promise consumers that the Playstation 4 would be a better purchase. 

Check out the video below, which Sony created after Microsoft announced it would restrict users from trading or sharing games with their friends.

Even after Microsoft reversed all its decisions that originally angered its customers, Maunder points out it has already become a communal joke to condemn Xbox One and Microsoft. Lesson of the day: PR must maintain a strong relationship and be transparent with their brand’s consumers at all times.