Marketing Ideas You Haven’t Thought of to Drive Blog Traffic

Everyone uses Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn to promote their blogs.

But if you want a competitive advantage, you should utilize the lesser-known networks like Tumblr, Reddit or Quora, according to 5 Creative Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog Post. These sites often have an active audience and offer less competition, so your content will stand out, Kimberly Reynolds insists.

A word of caution on Reddit: the site is smart and will detect if you’re being too spammy, so be active in the community and don’t over-share links to the same website.

She also recommends creating overviews of your post with multimedia tools like Instagram and SlideShare, and using Vine to create 6-second “teasers” about the blog’s contents. Just because no one else is doing something on social media doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea.

The important thing is to keep innovating.”  — Reynolds

Neil Patel offers similar advice in his explanation, How I Turned a 40,000-Word Guide Into 361,494 Visitors and 8,421 Email Opt-Ins.

If you want to increase traffic, don’t focus on the same tactics everyone else is using. White papers and eBooks are not only great marketing tools— they’re also natural traffic-drivers for your blog. Patel reflects on two white papers he wrote, learning from his mistakes on the first to improve results for the second, a content marketing guide.

Patel’s advice on publishing white papers:

  • Coding matters – Make your publications compatible on mobile, tablet and web devices.
  • People love PDFs – PDFs are reader-friendly AND compatible with all tablets and ebook readers such as the Kindle.
  • Link out –  Link out to external sites (which also optimizes the paper’s search results) and then email those sites asking them to share the guide with their readers.
  • Collect emails – Patel created several email opt-ins, and added the emails to hist newsletter list so they’d be notified about new blog posts.

Most importantly, write good content that readers will want to share. Polish your writing skills and don’t skimp out on the design.

Which blog promoting methods do you use to increase traffic? Share them below!

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