The 30 Most Influential Bloggers in Public Relations

PR pros build media placement bona fides and success by identifying and building relationships with the most influential media contacts.

Not long ago, it was enough to follow the traditional PR publications such as PR WeekPR News, and O’Dwyer’s. Now, some of the most thoughtful articles about PR originate from independent bloggers and company blogs.

As a service to its constituents, CyberAlert, the media monitoring service (, has identified 30 important bloggers (and Twitter feeds) in public relations.

To determine the most influential, we looked back at the hundreds of articles we selected to share in Media Monitoring News, our compilation of the best articles of the week on topics relevant to public relations, marketing and social media.  We select the articles each week for their special insight, innovation, depth and writing quality.  Each of the selected PR influencers appeared multiple times in Media Monitoring News.  All are also widely followed on Twitter and in other social media, and offer insights on PR strategies and tactics in both traditional and social media.

While lists like Forbes’ annual 50 Top Social Media Influencers or TIME’s 2013 Most Influential People in the World are indeed indicators of who to follow on social media, this CyberAlert list of The 30 Most Influential Bloggers on Public Relations focuses exclusively on PR and social media communications. Rather than relying on social “pull” or fame, our list was formed from years of experience of writing and aggregating content.

Klout scores did not determine whom we selected. However, in an effort to illustrate ranking, we listed bloggers in descending order by their Klout scores — a number between 1 and 100 that measures overall social media influence. Klout takes into account who engages with the posts and with whom they share the content.

87 Chris Brogan @ChrisBrogan: Brogan uses both facts and personal experiences in his tweets and posts for his self-named blog, Chris Brogan. His topics focus on helping others improve their blogging and social media efforts.

85 Brian Solis @BrianSolis: An analyst of the measurement service Altimeter, Solis is a fan of showing and telling; browse through and find insights guided by infographics, videos and visuals.

83 Avinash Kaushik @avinash: Google’s Digital Marketing Evangelist never runs short of information to share. Every Occam’s Razor blog post is jam-packed with analytics data and measurement updates, making Kaushik a one-of-a-kind among analytics experts.

82 Jeff Bullas @JeffBullas: Several times per hour, Bullas tweets news and advice to PR pros and marketers in social media — and only a handful of his daily tweets steer followers to

81 Peter Shankman @PeterShankman: Founder of Help a Reporter Out, Shankman adds a personal flair to his Twitter and Peter Shankman blog. He was described by PR Week as “redefining the art of networking.”

80 Mark Ragan @MarkRaganCEO: Ragan wears multiple hats: CEO of Ragan Communications, Publisher of PR Daily and tweeter of content for both sites that covers the full range of PR topics and issues.

79 Geoff Livingston @geoffliving: Livingston has advised some of the top Fortune 500 companies. His journal-like Geoff Livingston blog comments on recent marketing trends – with an interesting perspective since he’s a former journalist.

79 Lee Odden @LeeOdden: Odden is CEO of TopRank, which produces a newsletter and a blog for topics on SEO, content marketing and social media. Odden frequently interacts with his followers and offers support and comments to content outside his blog.

78 Shel Holtz @shelholtzHoltz Communication and Technology establishes Holtz’s expertise in combining communication with technology. Topics center on crisis communications, media relations and marketing strategies.

78 Chris Abraham @chrisabraham: A leading expert in online reputation management, the Chris Abraham blog promises original, often outside-the-box ideas (read his long-tailed blogger outreach strategy) in crisis communications, pitching and blogger outreach expressed through Abraham’s unique storytelling voice.

77 Augie Ray @augieray: As the social media director of Prudential, Ray centers Experience: The Blog on building brands via social experiences. The social media buff’s Twitter account blends multimedia, professional ideas and personal opinions.

74 Mark Schaefer @markwschaefer: The Business Grow blog is Schaefer’s social media and content marketing guide that also features guest blogs from leading professionals in marketing.

72 Kevin Dugan @prblog: The Kevin Dugan content hub aggregates posts from two PR blogs to which Dugan contributes: Strategic Public Relations and Bad Pitch Blog. The “hub” is a true resource center for PR pros looking to stay updated on industry news, events and ideas.

71 Jason Falls @jasonfalls: Primary author and founder of Social Media Explorer, Falls shares his PR and content producing vision on Twitter and at conferences like SXSW and PRSA International.

71 Arik Hanson @arikhanson: Hanson’s Communications Conversations has been recognized as one of the leading PR blogs over the past few years by PR Web, Journalistics, PR Week and Everything PR.

70 Melonie Dodaro @MelonieDodaro: Dodaro is a social media maven, proving so on her Top Dog Social Media Blog with posts on engagement enhancements, ROI-improving tactics and technology reviews.

68 Heidi Cohen @HeidiCohen: With experience as a marketing expert, graduate professor and public speaker, Cohen offers original and actionable PR, marketing and social media tips in her Heidi Cohen blog.

68 Deirdre Breakenridge @dbreakenridge: Breakenridge is committed to having a close relationship with her followers, and her PR 2.0 Practices explains how to transform PR tactics into strategies.

67 Steve Farnsworth @Steveology: Another fan of visual storytelling, Farnsworth’s Steveology is dedicated to teaching businesses about integrating social media, content marketing and other new technologies into the marketing mix.

66 Ted Nguyen @TedNguyen: According to Nguyen, Ted Nguyen USA is inspired by his “love of utilizing social media to enhance citizen engagement and public participation.” In his articles, the PR pro comments on the most important and recent industry news and how it impacts the PR, marketing and social media industries.

66 K.D. Paine @kdpaine: Paine is CMO of News Group, founder of The Measurement Standard and CEO of KDPaine & Partners, which delivers research to measure brand image and engagement. Through those outlets, and an additional measurement blog of her own, Paine exerts her influence in the media measurement industry as a prolific writer and speaker on media measurement.

63 Frank Strong @Frank_StrongSword and the Script, in Strong’s own words, is “part project, part hobby and part professional development.” PR, Marketing and Social Media are all at the top of the blog’s menu, but Strong frequently guest blogs on other topics as well.

62 Lou Hoffman @LouHoffman: As he notes in his blog, Ishmael’s Corner, Hoffman (head of The Hoffman Agency) dissects the “why” behind effective PR communications and focuses on different approaches to storytelling.

62 Brad Phillips @MrMediaTrainingMr. Media Training focuses on presentation and interviewing techniques, especially interactions of executives with the media.  He often uses actual news events to illustrate both good and bad examples of executive interviews.

62 Barry Feldman @FeldmanCreative: Feldman uses The Point to express his honest, tell-it-like-it-is attitude and to offer guidance on content marketing, social media and everything in between.

61 Adam Sherk @adamsherk: Sherk stands as a true SEO expert and consultant. The Adam Sherk blog provides strategies to improve social media engagement and PR practices using SEO tactics.

59 Jeremy Porter @jeremyporter: Porter is the founder and editor of Journalistics, a one-of-a-kind blog that aims at helping both journalists and PR pros with press releases, interviews and writing tips.

57 Melissa Agnes @melissa_agnes: For all things crisis management and more, the Melissa Agness Crisis Management blog offers comprehensive analysis. Agnes propounds and rounds up professional opinions on social listening and managing online reputation.

54 Richard Edelman @richardwedelman: Edelman strives to keep fellow PR pros up to speed with the latest PR news and technology via the company’s 6 a.m. blog and several other engagement blogs in their website’s Conversations page. His perspective as the head of a gi-normous international PR agency can be quite edifying.

Danny Brown @DannyBrownPublicly against Klout’s methods of gathering information, Brown disallowed the service and has no score. But he has plenty of clout via his top-rated Danny Brown blog on marketing via content, social media and influence.

Finally, to see these bloggers in action, we invite you to subscribe to Media Monitoring News and CyberAlert’s Twitter account,  @cyberalert1.

Now it’s your turn: What do you think about our list? Did we omit anyone who is a top influencer among communications professionals?


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13 thoughts on “The 30 Most Influential Bloggers in Public Relations

  1. Frank Strong

    That’s quite a list, gang. Not sure how influential I am, just a guy with a job that blogs on the side for fun. Thank you for considering and including me.

  2. Steve "@PodcastSteve" Lubetkin

    I’ve been evangelizing the value of audio and video podcasting as part of an overall content publishing strategy for nearly eight years now. Despite what some pundits have said about podcasting being “dead,” I continue to believe that if you don’t have audio and video publishing on a regular basis as part of your PR and communications strategy, you are missing an important boat.

    I don’t know if lists like this really matter (my Klout score is 62, ahead of several of the people on your list), but professional use of audio and video to produce news, documentary, and story-telling videos can help raise a business’s visibility and engagement. But forget about going viral, being silly, or producing a beautiful TV commercial on your website. Your customers really don’t care about those things. They want to know about you and the subject matter experts who work for you. Tell them a story. Show them how you make your products or interact with customers. Let them see your customers. REPORT THE NEWS. This isn’t rocket science, but it does require a pivot from pumping out press releases to becoming a news bureau for your company. Read the rest of my thoughts on this at

    1. William Comcowich Post author

      Hi, Josh. Thanks for commenting — to clarify, we never said Klout scores didn’t matter. Klout just wasn’t a deciding factor in who made the list. As you can see, we’ve included Danny Brown, who doesn’t even have a Klout score.

      We simply wanted to use a unique way to “rank” the bloggers on a list, because to us, all of them are equally important.

  3. Danny Brown

    Hehe, it’s almost like a badge of honour to be included on a list and be the only one without a Klout score. :)

    Thanks for the shout, appreciated, and good to see Frank Strong here, smart guy.

  4. Varsha Marathe

    Hey,that list is inspiring, i have just started sharing my pr experiences and hope to get in such a list very soon. Till then, congrats to all who are mentioned in the above list. Will join you all soon!!!

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  6. George

    I don’t think so John, I read and follow Jeff Bulas and Avinash Kaushik. They’re not only in PR but in all mediums of Digital marketing and Analytics.


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