Online Reputation Management: The Not-So-Obvious Challenges


Online reputation managers work hard to handle negative reviews and comments. But what about when there’s nothing to handle?

Negative articles and social media comments stand out as an immediate problem for brands or corporate reputations, but indifferent results or no results at all are also a problem. As The Online Reputation Management Guide observes, “The results of a negative online reputation may be as subtle as a user clicking on a competitor’s search result instead of yours.” Online reputation and SEO management can together help resolve online issues, as explained in Susan Adams’ guide, 6 Steps to Managing Your Online Reputation. According to Adams, the mandatory first step is to monitor your brand and other key words so you know who is saying what about your company or brand. To optimize your Internet and social media presence, it’s best to use your brand name as your domain name and to customize the permalinks of Facebook, LinkedIn and/or WordPress pages.

There is no “magic formula” to removing the blatantly negative content about your company in search results, so Andy Beal advises finding solutions to crises before they can occur. In The Unwritten Laws of Reputation Management, Beal advocates utilizing the power of “crowd voicing” and recognizing that your reputation is going to be shaped by a crowd of opinions, not just one bad review. Earning a strong reputation, then, requires constant monitoring and responding on social media so that your customers feel nurtured and satisfied. Treat your social media reputation as you would your personal reputation and respond immediately, be “on the offense, not the defense,” and know your limitations, author Grant Cardone recommends in Social Media Reputation Management Tips.

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