Pitches that Journalists and Bloggers Want to Read

A compelling pitch doesn’t look like a pitch — it’s a brief, interesting email from a professional who clearly knows his/her stuff, Veronica Maria Jarski asserts in Seven Traits of Press Releases that Actually Get Read by Journalists.

Imagine your pitch is a tweet, she instructs, and summarize why the news you’re sharing matters and why the blogger or journalist should care about it. Always take the time to address them personally (and check to make their name is spelled correctly). Jarski’s favorite way for PR pros to end a pitch: “If you have any ideas of how this can be a better fit for (the publication), please feel free to email me.” 

Once you secure a great news placement, an ongoing relationship is vital to earn future placements, Michelle Damico explains in 9 Tips for Getting Reporters’ Attention. Comment on journalists’ articles, engage with them through social media, and send them resources to help them find new story ideas and angles.

When reporters cancel an interview, don’t begrudge – help them instead. That same reporter still needed a topic for her next column, and within hours I had a a new topic and source.” — Michelle Damico

How do you push a journalist’s buttons? One certain way is to make a pitch without understanding the publication’s focus and/or guidelines, according to 6 Ways to Irritate a Journalist or Blogger and Blow Your Chance at Big Time Exposure.

The same is true for blogs, in which subjects usually have an even more focused niche. The taboo list is especially critical because, as Christine O’Kelly points out, search engine algorithms can now make similar judgments about content. Journalists and bloggers (and Google) are not interested in running content that has already been published elsewhere, so if you want to recycle ideas, always use a different angle.

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