Social Media Management for Nonprofits: Cost-Effective & Time-Saving Tips

Many businesses rely on paid media monitoring and measurement services to gather and compile data for social media reports, but nonprofit organizations with a limited PR and marketing budget rarely have this option.

In The Chicken and Egg Problem of Nonprofit Social Media Measurement, Maggie McGary raises the question: how can nonprofit organizations better manage their social media strategy so that it delivers actionable business outcomes without being too costly or time-consuming?

Nilofar Ansher’s suggestion to nonprofit social media managers: create a social media measurement “dashboard” to better organize social media data insights. The dashboard should offer a comprehensive datasheet across a timeline, detailing the various channels of the nonprofit’s specific marketing plans and the depth of engagement each campaign has reached.

In Social Media Management Tips for Non-Profit Managers, Ansher acknowledges that while a dashboard’s setup can be time-consuming, it saves social media managers time and resources in the future by specifying which networks and initiatives work, and which ones don’t.

For instance, a nonprofit may discover after establishing a dashboard that its target audience is most active on Twitter and Google+, and can devote less time to monitoring and measuring Facebook and Pinterest data.

Or, it may determine which type(s) of campaign delivers the most clicks and conversions on the website.

More time-saving social media management ideas from Ansher include:


After several months of media monitoring and engagement, nonprofit social media managers can promote dedicated supporters, donors and fans to group moderators and managers. Sharing the responsibility with brand advocates opens time for more important tasks.

Map of Donor Relationship History

All businesses require in-depth knowledge of their target demographic and stakeholders. Ansher recommends maintaining records on an Excel sheet and updating it every 3 to 6 months. Include details such as the length of time they’ve associated with your organization, events participated, content contribution, partnerships and contact points.

Content Calendar

A visual map of social media editorial provides insights on posts organizations can reuse, and allows you to better prepare for a campaign, launch or event.

Update Your Knowledge

Read as much as you about the latest trends and news in the social media industry, and don’t be afraid to try new tools. Ansher also advises using social media to network and connect with influencers.

Bottom line: an integrated media monitoring strategy isn’t just for big brands. Nonprofits with limited budgets should create a social media measurement dashboard so all their media monitoring and measurement data stays in one place.

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