Social Media Managers: What Do They Do? What SHOULD They Do?

This year, 62 percent of companies will increase investments in social media, according to an eConsultancy study. Thus, many social media managers will take on more work.

Andrew Caravella recommends adopting the 5 Habits of Successful Social Media Managers so you’re not overwhelmed by the constant change in social media. Managers should study the latest tools that identify the strongest trends and networks, while implementing a monitoring and measurement strategy to determine if your social media efforts align with business objectives, fiscal plans and sales goals.

Also, be aware that a social media manager now maintains initiatives beyond the social media and marketing departments, Caravella advises. Since social now permeates an entire organization, it’s imperative to create strategic alliances to establish a collaborative social strategy throughout the organization.

Social media is no longer just a micro-segment of marketing. Think beyond the basics and take into account your company’s general business objectives, fiscal plans, and sales goals, then align your strategy to that agenda. — Andrew Caravella

It can be difficult to assess whether social media staff are meeting your company’s needs, especially as their roles and responsibilities have changed over the past few years. Kathi Kruse provides the Social Media Manager Job Description: A Complete Guide to assist companies in defining the roles of social media specialists.

The manager’s essential responsibilities focus on online monitoring, listening and responding to the audience with the intent to generate leads and sales. Social media managers should also be able to analyze qualitative data (sentiment, positive/negative reviews) and recommend procedures for improvement. Key qualifications: proficiency in writing skills, content marketing and a knowledge of the blogging ecosystem.

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