The 4 Elements of Successful Video Marketing: Comedy, Emotion, Exclusivity and Star Power

While many video marketing campaigns get lost in YouTube’s multi-billion video database, quite a few success stories emerge with effective content, strong messages or funny gimmicks. In Breaking Down 9 Wildly Successful Video Marketing Campaigns, Michael Johnston examines how the most successful marketing videos on YouTube became so popular.


“Get the gag right and people will remember it for ages,” as JonJon Yeung asserts in Unforgettable Viral Videos Prove Humor is a Powerful Marketing Tool. However, the key is to get your brand’s message across without insulting people in the process.

Dollar Shave Club’s video serves as an exemplary comedy in video marketing. The video is short, to-the-point, and is not only hilarious, but also clean —increasing the audience and social velocity, Johnston explains.


Videos that invoke other emotions also have widespread appeal, as Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches” proves. The dramatic three-minute ad aims to enhance the natural beauty of women through an experiment in which dozens of women were asked to describe themselves and other women to an artist.

The result: the drawings better resembled the women when someone else described their features, and were less appealing when the woman described her own features. Key message: we’re more beautiful than we think.


Another key element of viral videos: exclusivity. Marketers can get their target audiences excited for new products by offering a demo or preview of what’s to come, like Rockstar did for Grand Theft Auto V. The video offered fans a sneak peak of the game with explanations of its features that they couldn’t get anywhere else.

Star Power

A final ingredient that is sure to boost video views: star power. Samsung integrated Usher into a music video for its Smart TV to highlight the Smart Interaction feature. The video is also a prime example of native advertising, as it’s structured more like a music video than an ad so viewers are more receptive to the content.


Bottom line: successful video marketing campaigns will incorporate one or more of these elements.


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