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CyberAlert Unveils New AllMedia 5.0
Integrated Media Monitoring Service

Stratford, CT — 11/01/10 — Media monitoring service CyberAlert LLC today rolled out AllMedia 5.0, a complete remodeling and upgrading of its news and social media monitoring service, incorporating extensive new features and functionality in all facets of the service.

The all-in-one media intelligence service fully integrates online news monitoring, TV news monitoring and a full range of social media monitoring. The service is designed to meet the needs of public relations, marketing, communications, and competitive intelligence professionals in large and mid-size organizations.

A pioneer in online media monitoring and clipping, CyberAlert ( has developed many innovations in monitoring and has served thousands of corporate, government, and not-for-profit customers since 1999.

Totally Revamped Software

To implement the service, CyberAlert developed totally new and advanced software for most all media monitoring processes including spidering, indexing, keyword querying, and cache archiving of delivered media clips.

Among its many features, the new service includes an innovative user interface that incorporates the most advanced tools in the industry to search, filter, organize, share and manage news articles and social media posts delivered to each client's clip archive, called the Digital Clip Book™. Additional features of the new monitoring service include far more extensive media coverage of both news and social media, near real-time delivery of clips from major news sources, virtually complete elimination of duplicate clips, exceptionally clean article text with almost no extraneous copy, and dynamically-created 3-D charts and graphs for media measurement.

"Our goal was to totally re-create our service, to develop a truly superior news aggregation, media monitoring and clipping service for large and mid-size organizations and also offer our clients the best value in the industry," explained Bill Comcowich, CEO of CyberAlert. "I have no doubt that CyberAlert now has the very best news monitoring service available, and that it will meet the needs of the most demanding clients — big or small," he said.

CyberAlert is offering a 14-day no-risk media monitoring free trial of the new service. To introduce the new AllMedia 5 service, CyberAlert is offering a limited time introductory subscription price of $389/month fixed fee for monitoring and clipping all U.S. national media — online news, TV news, and all social media including blogs, message boards, online video, Twitter and Facebook — with no per clip fees, no clip limit, and monthly billing with no long-term contract required.

Increased Media Coverage

The Company's completely overhauled news aggregation software, commonly referred to as a "spider", automatically monitors all new content in all directories and sub-domains of news websites — and does it far faster, more accurately and more politely than other news aggregation software, resulting in unmatched breadth and depth of coverage.

On each visit to a news source, the new CyberAlert spiders capture only newly published news content and by-pass older content. CyberAlert also utilizes RSS news feeds to supplement spidering. The new software also automatically indexes only the contents of the main article, ignoring extraneous copy on the page such as advertisements and menu links to other articles. With these features, CyberAlert AllMedia achieves unequaled clip accuracy.

As fully scalable software, the CyberAlert newly-developed spidering software is capable of monitoring virtually unlimited news sources, social media and other Web content.

The upgraded CyberAlert AllMedia 5.0 news monitoring and clipping service now monitors an industry-leading 55,000 independent news sources worldwide in more than 250 languages in 191 countries, effectively covering the languages spoken by 98% of the world's population. The service monitors over 1.0 million new pages of news content each day. New, highly-refined filters eliminate most every duplicate article from the same news source on the same day. CyberAlert adds new media sources on a continuing basis and upon client request within 48 hours.

In a recent trial conducted by an automotive supplier comparing the remodeled CyberAlert online news service against two other major media monitoring companies, CyberAlert consistently delivered more good online news clips with greater accuracy.

In television news, CyberAlert AllMedia clips the closed caption text of all national network and cable news programs and local news on over 600 TV channels in the top 100 U.S. markets.

In social media, the new CyberAlert AllMedia 5.0 Service monitors over 7 million new posts each day in over 75 million blogs, message boards, forums, complaint sites and Usenet news groups. The enlarged social media monitoring service now also monitors 200+ video sharing sites such as YouTube and all public posts on Twitter and Facebook, providing the most extensive social media monitoring now available.

Foreign Language Queries

The enhanced service allows native language keyword searches and Boolean queries in languages with non-Western language character sets including Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian. The multilingual capabilities are especially important for multinational corporations monitoring brands worldwide.

The querying software also includes so-called regular expressions, thereby enabling special search parameters such as capitalization of letters, placement of key words, and also the number of times keywords appear in an article. Boolean queries can also specify proximity of terms within a certain number of characters or words.

Automated language identification and one-click translation of non-English news articles and social media posts are also included features.

Industry-Leading Media Clip Archive

The new media clip archive for CyberAlert AllMedia 5 is the centerpiece of the integrated news and social media monitoring service.

With a snappy new look and feel modeled on the familiar Microsoft Outlook paradigm, the Digital Clip Book offers extraordinary flexibility, usability and functionality with powerful new management tools to filter, sort and search saved news articles and social media posts.

Written in Flex, the new software as a service (SaaS) application is far faster, far more intuitive, and with far greater functionality than previous versions, and has leaped ahead of all other clip archives. Launched in 1999, CyberAlert 1.0 was one of the first SaaS business applications.

CyberAlert plans to license the new SaaS software to media monitoring companies and agencies worldwide.

The new Digital Clip Book includes multiple ways to display clipped articles and enables clients to set up their own personal preferences in how clips are displayed and organized upon start-up.

In the default display mode, the archive displays the list of the day's results, the text of the selected article, and all relevant meta-data for the article including source, country of origin, language, media type, unique ID, and media measurement data for the news source. There is also a condensed display mode and a mid-range display mode.

The archive includes a full-featured, multi-tiered folder structure modeled on Windows. Clients can create parent folders and sub-folders. Each day's clips can be delivered automatically to any folder or sub-folder by keyword. Clips can be designated to multiple folders. The new folder structure makes it extremely easy for agencies to organize and manage clips of multiple clients or for major corporations to sort and manage clips of different divisions, brands or countries. Clients can also share and/or limit access to individual folders. Clients can drag & drop individual clips into folders, conduct keyword and Boolean searches on clip content in individual folders, e-mail or export folders or clips to other applications including spreadsheets, or print individual clips or groups of clips.

Powerful filtering, ordering and searching tools give clients extraordinary ability to manage clips in any given folder. The filtering functions are the class of the industry. Clients can use filters to drill down into the clip database using multiple factors simultaneously including keyword(s), location, name of publication, domain name, language or media type. Clips can be ordered by any one of 15 different parameters with date being the default.

With greatly improved functionality and speed, the keyword and Boolean search function (including word or phrase exclusion) enables clients to conduct searches in the entire clip database or any given folder.

The bottom-line benefit of the new clip archive is more time-efficient clip management for both power users and novices.

Symscio, a leading media analysis firm, was one of the companies that beta-tested the new CyberAlert clip archive. Bruce Aube, Symscio's managing partner, said: "We were blown away by the interface and its functionality. It has just about every possible feature a PR professional could want; it's easy-to-use, powerful and it's fast. And in our trials, the media coverage was the best we've seen."

Media Measurement Charts

The new service includes measurement data for all news clips along with powerful media measurement charting capabilities. Clients can generate eight different quantitative media measurement charts automatically from the master folder with all clips or for any sub-folder containing a subset of clips. Measurement charts include: number of clips, opportunities to see for both online and print, and media type. For any chart, clients can specify the clip set to be measured by setting specific beginning and end dates. Clients can also choose the type of chart such as column, line, pie, donut, or multi-bar. All the dynamically-created measurement charts can be easily exported to other applications including Microsoft Word® and Powerpoint®.

Additional Features

CyberAlert AllMedia 5.0 includes a number of crowd-sourcing features including enabling clients to add new media sources, revise data in existing sources, and identify sites as spam for their own accounts or for all clients' accounts.

The new service also enables clients to easily assemble an executive briefing or newsletter from the day's clips.

CyberAlert news monitoring also includes the ability to post abbreviated news stories on the corporate website with links back to the original source.

Clients can also manually add clips to the archive by simply cutting and pasting the URL of the article or social media posting.

Agencies can brand the e-mail alerts and clip archive with their own name, logo, and color palette.

Omnibus News Aggregation Service

In addition to it's query based media monitoring service, CyberAlert also offers the Omnibus News Aggregation Service. Omnibus News delivers all news articles found each day from 55,000+ online news sources, delivered in near-real time in a continuous XML news feed. On a typical business day, Omnibus News delivers over 1 million pages of news article content. Clients can order the complete Omnibus News or any subset of news by geography, industry, or custom list.

About CyberAlert LLC

Founded in 1999, CyberAlert ( is a worldwide news monitoring, broadcast monitoring, social media monitoring and media measurement service. Its CyberAlert® 5.0 worldwide online news monitoring service monitors 55,000+ online news sources each day in 250+ languages in 191 countries. The company's TV broadcast monitoring service monitors the closed caption text of over 2,100 news programs on over 600 TV stations in the Top 100 markets in the United States. For social media monitoring (online word-of-mouth), its NetPinions™ service monitors over 100,000 Web message boards and UseNet news groups for consumer insight about companies, products, key issues and trends. Its BlogSquirrel™ service monitors over 7 million blog postings each day from a total of 75+ million blogs worldwide. CyberAlert VDO™ each day monitors online video clips on 200+ video sharing and social media websites like YouTube. CyberAlert also monitors all Twitter tweets and public Facebook posts. CyberAlert offers a no-risk 14-day free media monitoring trial of all its services.

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