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CyberAlert's New Dashboard Named Best New Measurement Technology of the Year

Stratford, CT — December 15, 2015 — The Measurement Advisor, the newsletter of Paine Publishing edited by Katie Paine, has named the CyberAlert Media Monitoring and Measurement dashboard as the Best New Measurement Technology of the Year.

The capability to integrate myriad data streams into a single dashboard for public relations and marketing professionals has existed for several years, Paine said. "But until this year, I've yet to see a platform that allows a communications department to create custom indexes around traditional, social, internal, and digital communications programs, and then seamlessly integrate them into an elegant easily-customized dashboard," she said.

"We're absolutely delighted that the preeminent expert in PR measurement has bestowed this recognition on CyberAlert," said William Comcowich, the company founder.

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The integrated media coverage, metrics and features that corporate communications professionals have dreamed of having — but couldn't get — are now available in CyberAlert's new measurement dashboard. The online software as a service (SaaS) was named "Best Measurement Technology of the Year" by The Measurement Advisor, edited by Katie Paine.

Paine has been a recognized expert in the field of measurement for more than two decades and is sometimes referred to as Queen of Measurement. She has founded two measurement companies, KDPaine & Partners Inc., and The Delahaye Group. She now heads Paine Publishing LLC which is dedicated to educating PR and marketing professionals about measurement best practices. She is a noted presenter at professional conferences throughout the world and has published numerous books on measurement, including "Measure What Matters" (Wiley, March 2011) and "Measuring Public Relationships" (KDPaine & Partners, 2007). "Measuring the Networked Nonprofit: Using Data to Change the World," written with Beth Kanter, is the 2013 winner of the Terry McAdam Book Award.

The dashboard from CyberAlert LLC, a media monitoring and measurement service based in Stratford, Conn., fully integrates monitoring and measurement of print, online news, broadcast, social media and analytics from corporate and brand websites.

CyberAlert's new measurement dashboard was designed by Douglas Chapin, the company's new CEO who succeeds company founder William J. Comcowich.

"Since its founding in 1999, CyberAlert was positioned as a media monitoring service with a bit of measurement," said Bill Comcowich. "As I was transitioning to retirement, we brought in Doug Chapin to develop the most advanced communications measurement dashboard and to transform CyberAlert to a leading media measurement company."

Background of CyberAlert's New CEO

Doug Chapin brings a broad management, consulting and measurement background to CyberAlert. He headed the HP Information Technology Outsourcing and Network Integration businesses for seven years. He served as CEO of start-ups including GlobalSight Corp. an enterprise software company that provided business process automation combined with linguistic technologies for global language translation, and Alter-G Inc. that provides patented dynamic weight-controlling treadmills for performance training and rehabilitation. He served as chief operating officer of KD Paine & Partners LLC, the PR measurement consultancy for two years before it was sold to News Group International. He stayed on with News Group as chief operating officer before joining CyberAlert.

"In serving major PR measurement clients with KDPaine & Partners and News Group, I learned all the shortcomings of the existing PR measurement dashboards. I was delighted when Bill and his investors at Andlinger & Company, Inc. brought me on to lead CyberAlert's transformation and to develop an advanced new measurement dashboard that met the measurement needs of the full range of businesses and agencies," Chapin said.

Dashboard Design Goals

"My goal was to design a measurement dashboard that could integrate any media type including print, broadcast, online news and all forms of social media including blogs, message boards, forums, and the major social media platforms in any language. We wanted to assure that the dashboard could meet the needs of personnel across the entire corporate enterprise - not just the PR department though that was a major focus," Chapin explained. "Finally, we wanted to achieve four additional goals. We wanted to provide a complete range of metrics and customizable graphs; we wanted to make the monitoring and measurement customizable to each client's specific needs; we wanted to make it easy to use even for measurement neophytes; and we wanted to make it affordable for both large and smaller organizations."

"CyberAlert has accomplished what I haven't seen anyone else do," Paine stated. "Create a platform that can tie communications efforts back to corporate results, and demonstrate the value of PR, social media, marketing, and corporate communications all in one package," she said.

CyberAlert Media Integration

The new CyberAlert Media Measurement Dashboard provides worldwide media coverage and integrates all media in all languages. It is also capable of integrating data from websites and devices on the Internet of Things. It uses advanced key word searching and indexing techniques to virtually eliminate irrelevant media clips. It includes advanced measurement data for all media including specific engagement metrics for each of the major social media platforms. It includes powerful and customizable charting capabilities. Most importantly, the system enables divisions, departments, brand managers, or country managers to create different search and measurement profiles producing customized charts and graphs. "Corporate PR can have one set of search terms, measurement data and metrics while division or country managers can have a completely different set of data and measurement filters to get exactly the results they need. This capability enables each user to have a truly customized perspective on media mentions," Chapin said.

The full-featured dashboard enables PR, marketing, product management, corporate communications and competitive intelligence departments to create and export up-to-the-minute customizable reports that demonstrate impact of media exposure on corporate results. With the delivered content, organizations can build an effective "early warning system" to identify problems and issues that may threaten corporate or brand reputation or present new opportunities for business growth.

"The architecture of the system is designed to easily support customization. This enables creating a measurement program to match individual client business objectives," Chapin said.

Since the soft launch of the dashboard in late November, CyberAlert has signed as measurement clients a major broadcast network, a travel service and a major telecommunications company.

CyberAlert is making available a private label version of its new dashboard to public relations agencies and other types of PR and marketing services. The private label version enables agencies to manage multiple clients within the one online application.

Interested PR, marketing and communications managers may request more information about the CyberAlert media monitoring and PR measurement dashboard by calling 203-375-7200.

About CyberAlert:

Founded in 1999, CyberAlert is a worldwide media monitoring and measurement service that offers comprehensive media coverage and customized measurement of earned media including online news, print news, TV and radio news, and social media. CyberAlert offers a 14-day free media monitoring trial.

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