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CyberAlert Measurement Dashboard Benefits

With its advanced analytics, CyberAlert's new media monitoring and PR measurement dashboard delivers all the benefits you've always desired:

checkmarkIn-depth understanding of how consumers perceive your company and its brands.
checkmarkProof of PR's contribution to corporate goals.
checkmarkEarly warning of issues - and extent of risk.
checkmarkBetter PR decision-making based on detailed data.
checkmarkImproved staff productivity.
checkmarkSignificant cost savings.

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CyberAlert Analytics

PR Measurement & Analysis Dashboard for Media Intelligence

CyberAlert's new measurement dashboard includes every metric you've ever wanted along with all the features and ease-of-use you've yearned for. Its powerful interactive analytics were designed by seasoned measurement experts to meet the monitoring & measurement needs of both very large and smaller organizations. Both veterans of PR measurement and neophytes will appreciate its combination of power and ease.

checkmarkFully integrated monitoring and measurement of all your print, online news, broadcast, social media, along with analytics from your corporate or brand website.
checkmarkEvery type of metric you've ever wanted for analysis of your PR and marketing results.
checkmarkEasy-to-use interactive dashboard with most every feature you've ever imagined.
checkmarkPowerful, interactive analytics on reach, quality of coverage, engagement, and impact on business goals (over any time period with any subset of media type or media mentions).
checkmark All fully customized to each client's specific needs and preferences.

And there's more…

checkmarkAbility to segment media mentions and analytics by division, brand, media type, language, country, or campaign … or most any other breakdown you want.
checkmarkCompetitor monitoring and analytics for competitive intelligence
checkmarkOpen search of historical news archive on any key words you choose.
checkmarkEasily create daily or weekly executive newsletter.
checkmarkExceptional customer service with extraordinary responsiveness to client needs.
checkmarkLow-cost: No per seat charges. No per clip charges.

If you're frustrated by the limitations or costs of your current media monitoring and measurement service, you need to see a demo of the all-new CyberAlert media intelligence dashboard.

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Media Monitoring Services

Benefits of Fully-Integrated Media Monitoring & Measurement for PR

The all-new CyberAlert media monitoring, measurement and market intelligence service fully integrates media coverage of print, online news, broadcast, social networks and corporate or brand website. The online system automatically searches, monitors, "clips", stores, manages, analyzes, and measures all your news and social media mentions - and enables multiple users to easily search, share, and manage the data.

Every media clip includes validated data on readership/viewership. Powerful analytics provide insights into reach, quality of coverage, engagement and impact on business goals - all customized to the needs and preferences of each client.

The full-featured dashboard enables PR and marketing departments and agencies to create up-to-the-minute reports that demonstrate real impact on corporate results. With the delivered content, you and your organization can build an effective "early warning system" to identify problems and issues that may threaten corporate or brand reputation… or present new opportunities for business growth.

Operational Benefits:
  • Freedom from drudgery of searching news and social media sites each day.
  • Safety of having your clips stored in cloud-based archive with full backup.
  • Easy access to all clips & analysis by multiple users from anywhere at any time.
  • Security of clean and valid data.
  • Power of advanced business analytics.
  • Up-to-the-minute media measurement reports.
  • Less costly than other services with fewer capabilities.
Media Monitoring

CyberAlert news and social media monitoring service gathers all the media content you need to know - print news, online news, U.S. broadcast news and a full range of social media — into one easy-to-use online dashboard for access by multiple users you approve. Each client is able to choose what media to monitor by type of media, country, language and other factors right down to individual sources.

News Monitoring

Online News Monitoring

Each day the CyberAlert online news monitoring service delivers all the news you want covering over 60,000 quality online news sources in 250+ languages in 191 countries. You receive a daily or custom scheduled email alert of all new articles found that contain your key words.

Broadcast News Monitoring

CyberAlert TV captures the closed-caption text and preview video of news broadcasts on all national news networks & cable channels plus all local TV stations — and delivers you clips of all the stories that include key words you specify. The service monitors thousands of hours of TV news each day

CyberAlert Radio tracks more than 250 local and national radio stations in the top 50 U.S. markets and delivers daily text clips via email. CyberAlert's radio news monitoring service delivers overnight results of your custom key words and phrases.

Print News Monitoring

CyberAlert Print delivers the full text of every clipped news article from print sources worldwide, while adding the convenience, timeliness and online clip archives of digital media monitoring services. Includes validated data and comprehensive metrics for print news circulation.

Social Media Monitoring & Listening

Understanding customer and influencer conversations in social media yields key insights about how consumers perceive your company, brands, competitors and industry to help you develop new strategies and tactics for corporate reputation management, public relations, marketing, product development and customer service.

  • Blog Monitoring: Monitors and searches most every recognized blog in the world in over 50 languages in 191 countries. Best estimate: 190+ million blogs.
  • Message Boards & Forums: Monitors over 100,000 message boards and forums worldwide on most every possible subject with a special focus on commercial topics. Exceptional coverage of auto, financial, entertainment and services industries.
  • Social Video Monitoring: Searches text descriptions of all new video posts on 200+ video sharing sites including YouTube.
  • Twitter Monitoring: Monitor key mentions and topics in Twitter. Includes key engagement metrics such as followers, favorites, retweets.
  • Facebook Monitoring: Understand engagement, share of voice and impact of social media efforts.
  • Additional Social Media Platforms: LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram… and others upon client request.
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Media Monitoring
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Media Measurement & Analysis Services

The new CyberAlert Media Measurement Dashboard includes all the features and tools you need to gain greatly improved insight into the effectiveness of PR and marketing campaigns.

Social Media Coverage

CyberAlert monitors about 25 million individual social media posts each day from a universe of 190+ million social media sources worldwide.

PR Measurement Principles

CyberAlert believes effective PR and marketing measurement starts with shared understanding of goals and objectives. Our analytics team works closely with clients to clearly define a measurement program to meet your specific business objectives.

CyberAlert believes PR measurement systems should support industry standards as defined by the Barcelona Principles. CyberAlert does.

CyberAlert believes PR measurement software should conform to client needs and preferences. Instead of forcing you to use a fixed set of metrics in a rigid software framework, the CyberAlert system enables clients to choose from dozens of variations in selecting and formatting metrics and reports. It also allows clients to formulate new metrics for their specific needs.

CyberAlert believes qualitative media analysis for tone, messages, prominence, dominance, and spokespersons is best done using a combination of automated software and human analysts.

Measurement Dashboard

CyberAlert's online dashboard stores all your media mentions in a password-protected online digital archive. A full array of functions enables clients to review, search, sort, share, analyze and manage your clips by multiple users. Each user can format the dashboard to his or her preferences.

Quantitative Analysis

Each media clip in the CyberAlert online dashboard includes detailed and fully validated media measurement data. The clip data enables the system software to automatically generate a broad array of quantitative charts and graphs on reach, engagement, competitive assessments and impact on business goals.

Qualitative Analysis

CyberAlert optimizes the effectiveness of qualitative analytics by using a hybrid approach combining trained media analysts with state of the art linguistic analysis. The computer aided analysis enables accurate measurement of communication strategies not possible with automated sentiment analyzers. Tonality and messaging for each client is based on business objectives directly linking analysis to the goals of the organization.

CyberAlert's consultants work with you to define a measurement model and key measurements. By combining sampling techniques with automated analytics we devise a program which will meet your budget. CyberAlert's trained analysts then assess clips against the client's specifications using inter-coder reliability standards. It's the very best way to assure valid qualitative media assessment.

The online dashboard also includes convenient tools enabling clients (or their agencies) to perform qualitative assessments of news and social media mentions for sentiment/tone, prominence, dominance, messages, spokespersons and more.

CyberAlert Analytics Advantages in PR Measurement

  • Superior measurement data — detailed, reliable, updated continuously.
  • Always on — create the reports you specify instantly at any time with just a few clicks of your mouse.
  • Totally flexible — create reports for virtually any time period up to one year.
  • Simple to learn — learn the entire system in less than 30 minutes.
  • Immediate results — get measurement results the same day you start the service.
  • Easy to use — intuitive user interface designed by communications professionals.
  • Interactive interface — parse results and dig into them to gain deeper insights.
  • Full text accessibility — see full article text of all your clips.
  • Time-saving — generates quantitative media measurement reports automatically with no input required from you.
  • Approved methodology — follows Barcelona Principles 2.0. Adheres strictly to guidelines for media measurement by the Institute for Public Relations.
  • Advanced user profiles — enables independent use, formatting, and analysis for different divisions, brands, countries and campaigns. Ideal for larger companies.
  • Completely customizable — every user chooses a personal set of metrics and preferences on graph selection and formats.
  • Budget friendly — amazing low cost makes media measurement affordable for most every organization. No per seat fees. No per clip fees.
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Executive News Digest

Using the news articles/broadcasts and social media posts delivered by CyberAlert, clients can access our online editing tools to create a made-to-order Executive News Briefing for the organization's leadership with only the stories that matter most to them. Alternatively, CyberAlert's experienced journalists will select and expertly summarize the stories, assemble the newsletter, and deliver it before start of business each day or week. More Info »

Omnibus News: Worldwide News Feed

Designed for use by media monitoring services, measurement/analysis services, and large PR agencies or corporations, the Omnibus News worldwide news aggregation and news feed service continuously collects headlines and text of news content from 60,000+ online news sources in 250+ languages in 191 countries. The worldwide news feed delivers all the collected news articles throughout the day 24/7/365 via FTP or HTTP feed in XML format. Every delivered article includes detailed meta-tags and measurement data. With about 1 million news articles delivered each day, the feed can be customized to meet client specifications for media sources, geography, industries, and topics. More Info »

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You work hard to earn your media placements. You want a media monitoring service that will work just as hard to find all your media clips. Here's my personal pledge to our customers: CyberAlert will work as hard as you do and will always do what's best for you. You can trust us to do the best possible job for you.
Bill Comcowich
“We have been using CyberAlert for many years and have found their team to be responsive and helpful, even with last-minute requests. Delivery of their data is both flexible and consistent and the quality of the data for the price is second to none. CyberAlert offers Millward Brown excellent value for money together with a good breadth and depth of coverage for blogs, message boards and discussion groups.”
Fergus Hampton
MB Precis
“Bill Comcowich and his CyberAlert team have been brilliant over the last 5 years we have worked together. As an Analysis Agency we must work with all of our client’s many suppliers, so we can state clearly that technically his service is the best in the world; he reaches more publications, deeper and more comprehensively than any of his competitors. But just as important is their customer support. Whether setting up new searches, adding new publications, or tracking down a problem, the CyberAlert team do what is needed to keep their ‘mission critical service’ online and in top quality. I unreservedly recommend CyberAlert and their services to any client.”
Michael Ferland
Managing Director
Media Proof
“CyberAlert has saved us countless hours of searching through domestic and international news articles, blogs and photos in order to support our customer's needs. Their staff is extremely responsive and always knows what to suggest to make voluminous data collection a bit easier.”
Cubic Applications, Inc.
Media Analysis Center
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The CyberAlert Story

Founded in 1999 and used by hundreds of companies, government agencies and not-for-profit organizations, CyberAlert offers PR and marketing professionals the experience, reliability and exceptional customer service you require of your media monitoring and PR measurement service. CyberAlert always does what's best for its customers… Read More »

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