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Comprehensive Worldwide News Monitoring that Delivers Only the Important Clips

IntelliClips Overview


Intelliclips is designed for companies that want to receive clips of only important articles and exclude mere mentions of their key words. By receiving only important articles, you save your staff time, increase productivity and reduce costs of reviewing clips.


  • Limit clips to important articles; avoid time and costs of reviewing articles with mere mentions.

Comprehensive Worldwide Media Coverage


Each day 7/365, CyberAlert's Intelliclips service monitors and "clips" news stories from the Web sites of more than 55,000+ carefully-selected publications and broadcasters worldwide in 250+ languages. The selected media include virtually all news syndication services, newspapers, magazines, trade journals, and TV stations in the United States. Monitoring includes over 10,000 international publications with in-depth media coverage in Canada, UK, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Australia and many other countries.

With the IntelliClips service, however, you receive clips of only important articles — that is, those articles in which your key words are prominently mentioned. You can also create a custom list of news sources to monitor, limiting your clips to just those news sources.

For faster clip delivery, IntelliClips service may be combined with RushClips for clip delivery of today's clips today throughout the business day.


  • All-inclusive local, national and worldwide media coverage
  - News Releases
  - News Articles
  - Features
  - Product Reviews
  - Editorials
  • Convenience of one-stop, fully-integrated news monitoring on your desktop
  • Convenience and timesaving of customized Media List to your specific requirements

Automated Monitoring and "Reading" of Publications


CyberAlert's fully-automated intelligent agents "read" every word in 250+ languages in over 1.8 million pages of news articles each day in 55,000+ news sources on the Internet.

The CyberAlert IntelliClips software monitors far more news each day than any team of human readers. The software "reads" immeasurably faster and more accurately than human readers. Then, CyberAlert's proprietary software is uncanny in selecting the "important" articles and rejecting mere mentions of your key words. The overall result is a media monitoring service that outperforms traditional press clipping services and/or in-house staff monitoring news on the Internet (and costs less).


  • Focus on news reports of genuine importance to your company
  • Quickly identify breaking stories and emerging issues
  • Wider Breadth of Monitoring: find important articles in more publications than could be done manually with staff - and in much less time
  • More frequent monitoring for more up-to-date results than you can achieve manually with staff
  • Frees up staff time to focus on more important tasks. CyberAlert saves up to 85% of the time staff may be spending on Internet monitoring.

Customized Search and Media Profiles


You select your key words or phrases, customized to your specific needs.
  • Full Boolean queries using multiple operands including AND, OR, NEAR, and AND NOT.
  • Up to 10 search terms.
  • Custom software to eliminate unwanted versions of words
  • Triple filtering of all clips for accuracy
  • Extraordinary accuracy in identifying "important" stories and rejecting mere mentions
  • Easily change search specifications


  • Get only the important stories you want
  • Clips meet your precise specifications/requirements; no duplicate clips; few unwanted clips
  • Substantially reduce staff time needed to review articles
  • Increased staff productivity

Same Day or Overnight Delivery - E-mail, Website, XML


IntelliClips is today's most timely market intelligence service, delivering all clipped postings found during the previous 24 hours via e-mail before you arrive to work the next day. Delivery of clipped postings in other formats including various flavors of XML is available upon request.


  • Be completely up to date on what consumers are saying about your about your company, its products and competitors
  • Gain earlier insight to developing issues, enabling you to respond quicker and more effectively; avoid being blind-sided by emerging issues.
  • No additional cost for next morning delivery

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Digital Clip Book - Electronic Storage and Search


CyberAlert's IntelliClips news monitoring and clipping service includes a password-protected digital database containing the full-text of all your news clips for as long as you are a client. Organized into easy-to-use folders that you specify, CyberAlert's powerful Digital Clip Book™ enables you to effortlessly review, sort, search, annotate, cross-reference, and circulate your clips. The Digital Clip Book requires only a standard Web browser; no special software required. Much more useful, accessible and valuable than disorganized folders or binders of fading paper clips.


  • Anytime, anywhere access to all your clips by anyone you authorize
  • Hassle-free clip management
  • Time-saving electronic searches for much faster clip retrieval — up to 7 times faster
  • Faster, better data mining
  - Easily sort and search clips by date, publication, author name, subject - and more
  • Drastically reduce paper-handling and storage
  • Improve media measurement

Detailed Readership Data


CyberAlert provides the industry's most detailed readership data. For each news source, CyberAlert provides the site's web rank, news rank, total national opportunities to see (equivalent of print impressions), and print circulation.

More >


  • Better measure all key parameters of PR success including reach and trends.
  • Better compare PR program success to other marketing programs

Superior Technology


With its revolutionary software and up-to-the-minute 64-bit hardware and data storage systems located in one of the nation's most advanced Internet hosting facilities, CyberAlert has provided extraordinarily reliable news monitoring service since 1997 for thousands of corporations, not-for-profit organizations, and government agencies throughout the world.

Since its launch of the news monitoring service, CyberAlert has employed a process of continuous software improvement using client input to enhance media coverage, add features and upgrade functionality on an on-going basis.


  • Exceptionally dependable daily service 7/365
  • Safety of RAID backup and secure environment for all client data
  • Security of using market-leading service with continuous updates
  • Easy to Use: No special desktop software required by client; access all records with your desktop Internet browser. No special training required.

Unmatched Customer Service


Humans answer CyberAlert's phones. You're immediately connected to our extraordinarily responsive customer service staff who will do whatever it takes to meet your other media monitoring and clipping requirements. The CyberAlert system and staff are extremely flexible in meeting custom requirements of clients.

If requested, CyberAlert provides 24/7 emergency service availability for all its customers.

And every member of our staff will always do what's best for you.


  • Expert assistance in setting up your search specification to produce optimal results
  • Immediate set-up of your order with next-day delivery of your first clips
  • On the spot changes in search profiles
  • Well-maintained News Media List, continually updated
  • Round-the-clock service access for monitoring emergencies or PR crisis

Best Value in Media Monitoring


Simple, convenient pricing

  • One low, fixed monthly fee
  • Immediate set-up of your order with next-day delivery of your first clips
  • Absolutely no per clip fees
  • No extra charges per search term
  • No hidden charges
  • Monthly billing; no annual contract

IntelliClips represents today's best value in near-perfect news monitoring.


  • Lower your costs for both press clipping and broadcast monitoring
  • Save up to 71% compared with traditional press clipping services
  - More budget for salaries smileyface
  • Fixed monthly costs; no surprises; no billing hassles

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The ultimate benefit:
comprehensive worldwide news monitoring
that delivers only the important clips
— at substantially lower cost.

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