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ClipMetrics: New PR Measurement, Evaluation and Analysis Service

Thorough, accurate, affordable and easy-to-use online media measurement and audience analysis dashboard solution that automatically measures and analyzes your news clips.
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Audience Analysis — Data for Media Measurement, Evaluation and Analysis

For PR measurement, CyberAlert supplies detailed media measurement/circulation data with all clips from CyberAlert, 4.0 (news monitoring), Netpinions™, IntelliClips™, RushClips™ and BlogSquirrel™. Each clip you receive includes a uniform set of PR measurement data for both the Web site and the print edition of that Internet site.

For clients utilizing media analysis services such as Cymfony (, CyberAlert can deliver the clips and audience measurement data in XML files for automated processing by the analysis company's software.

The following PR Intelligence and media measurement data is included for both news clips and consumer discussion clips:
  1. Web Rank: Web Rank is the rank of the site in numerical order of all Internet sites worldwide, based on a sample of millions of Web users who voluntarily have installed a special PR measurement toolbar attached to their Internet Explorer Web browser. The special PR measurement and audience evaluation toolbar aggregates data on sites visited while users browse the Web. The Web Rank takes into account both the number of visitors to a site (audience measurement data) and the average number of page views by each visitor while browsing the site (PR insight). The Web Rank is based on three months of aggregated traffic data and is updated monthly. The PR measurement and audience analysis system includes the rank of Web-based forums, message boards and discussion groups, but does not measure the rank of clips from Usenet News Groups.
  2. News Rank: News Rank is the numerical rank of the Web site among the 55,000+ worldwide news sources monitored daily by CyberAlert. This rank is a good public relations measurement tool as it provides a good indicator of the relative importance of a news source among online news sources worldwide. For forums and message boards that are not part of a news source monitored by CyberAlert, the News Rank data field shows N/a.
  3. Reach/Million: Reach per million measures the number of daily visitors to the Web site as a percentage of all Internet users. It is a measure of market penetration. A reach of 22% indicates that, for every one million Internet users, 255,000+ visit that particular site each day. For most news sources, the reach/million is based on the visitors to the main domain name ( For Internet portals like Yahoo, the reach/million is based on the number of visitors to the relevant news or discussion section of the main domain (,, For blogs, reach/million measures the reach of the main domain (, not the individual blog (
  4. National OTS (Opportunities to See): National OTS estimates the number of daily visitors to the Web site from the site's home country, based on the site's rank, page views, reach per million and total number of Internet users in that country. The media measurement figure does not include visits by users from other countries. For most news and consumer discussion sites on the Web, this figure is the closest possible equivalent to the base circulation figure of print publications.
  5. Print Circulation: Print circulation provides the circulation figure of the print edition of the Internet site, if a print edition exists. For example, the data set for the Web site (St. Louis Today) will show the daily print circulation figure for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The print circulation for the U.S. is based on data from the Gebbie Press Media Directory ( and is used with the publisher's permission. Print circulation numbers for publications in other countries will be included in the near future. If there is no print edition, the data field will show N/a.
The new CyberAlert PR measurement and audience measurement data are the best available based on a statistical sample of the Internet population. As statistical samples, the PR measurement data set may not be large enough to be accurate for sites with low levels of monthly traffic.

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Better media coverage
    • 55,000+ news sources worldwide in 250+ languages
    • 95,000+ consumer discussion sites
    • 5 million+ blogs
    • Localized/customized to your needs
More accurate news clipping
    • Fewer missed clips
    • Near zero nuisance clips
More timely clip delivery
    • Today's news clips delivered today throughout the business day via e-mail or once-a-day next morning
Easy clip management
    • Electronic clip storage and searc
Detailed readership data
    • Web rank, opportunities to see, press circulation
Less costly
    • Flat monthly fee; no per clip charges
    • Save up to 71%
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