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Key Features:
CyberAlert Media Monitoring Dashboard
(Digital Clip Archive)


The CyberAlert Media Monitoring Dashboard is a digital archive where all your online news, broadcast, and social media clips are automatically stored. The clip archive dashboard offers most every tool you can imagine to save, search, sort, share and manage your news, broadcast and social media clips. The annotated screen captures shown here highlight the more important features in the Clip Archive.

To help orient you to the general features, the top of the archive window displays the User Control Panel. The middle part displays the listing of clips in the clip archive. (Though the illustration shows only one clip, you can scroll to see all others and you can change the view to see more listings at the same time). The bottom portion of the screen displays the cached text of the selected clip along with metatag information for that clip. See below for a brief explanation of each numbered feature.

digital clip archive dashboard
  1. Mode
    The top of the archive window displays the User Control Panel. At the very top are the three basic display modes - Listing, Folder, and Charts. This graphic above shows the "Folders" mode showing the user control panel at the top, the folders column on the left, the section listing clips in the middle, and the full text of one clip at the bottom. The "Listing" mode contains the same information, but it does not display the folders column on the left.
  2. Preferences / Feedback / Help
    The "Preferences" link enables you to set how you would like the screen to display when you open the archive. You can also set delivery rules. Feedback lets you ask your account representative questions or make suggestions. "Help" is a comprehensive 109-slide presentation designed to train clients to use the CyberAlert Digital Archive. Our account representative will also be happy to demonstrate the archive features in a Go-to-Meeting or WebEx conference call. Just call us at 800-461-7353 or 203-375-7200.
  3. Basic Clip Filter
    The Basic Clip Filter enables you to view clips from the Folder and the Date Range you select. The red "circle arrow" on the right opens/closes the Advanced Clip Filter below.
  4. Sort
    You may sort the clips in your archive or any folder by many different factors including date, media type, publication name, headline, country, language and various measurement data.
  5. Advanced Clip Filter
    The Advanced Clip Filter contains powerful and "smart" searching, sorting and filtering tools. In addition to the folder and date criteria in the basic clip filter, you can search, sort and filter your clips by a wide range of criteria including keyword, country and state, language, name of publication, and media type. You can also sort and filter your clips by any combination of these criteria. The search functions include Boolean-type queries and other advanced search features.
  6. 6. View Selector
    The three stacked bars enable you to select different views of the clip listing. Shown here is the "detailed view" (three lines). The "normal view" excludes the measurement data. The "short view" excludes measurement data and text extract so that you can as many as 15 clips at one time in the listing panel.
  7. Clip Listing
    The middle section lists all the clips in your archive, by whatever filtering criteria you have selected. In the detailed view shown here, each clip includes the following information: date found, name of media source, country for media source, language, article headline, link to article at the original URL where it was published, text extract around your key words, media type, and measurement data. (More information on measurement data.) The "gear" icon in the upper right of the section enables you to make a note on the clip, send the clip in an email, move the clip to a folder, copy it to a folder, delete it, export it as a file, or print it. By checking the boxes of the individual clips, you can select a group of clips. The "gear" icon at the bottom right of the middle section allows you to perform any of those same functions for the entire group of clips you selected. The +add function lets you add a clip to the archive by simply inserting its URL or by entering in the required information. The scroll bar lets you see the entire list of clips - up to 100 at a time.
  8. Grab Bar
    The three little lines above "Cached Text", called the "grab bar", enable you to make the top and bottom panels any size you prefer.
  9. Cached Text
    Most importantly, the "Cached Text" panel contains the media source, headline and full text of the article with key words highlighted and all extraneous content removed. This enables full text search of all articles. The panel also contains comprehensive metadata about the source publication. The daily email alert you receive includes a link to this cached text and also include a link for one-click translation of non-English clips.
  10. Folders
    The CyberAlert Digital Clip Archive includes full Windows-like folder functionality. You can create parent folders and sub-folders to sort your clips. Most importantly, you can set up automatic delivery of clips into specific folders - and even multiple folders. You can share folders with others. With these folder features, an agency can set up separate folders for each client and automatically deliver each client's clips to the specific client folder. Or the PR department can set up separate folders for different brands or regions. All clips can go into a master file and selected clips into subfolders with specific criteria including but not limited to keyword or country.

Chart Mode

With the CyberAlert Digital Clip Book, you can dynamically generate a robust set of up-to-the-minute media measurement charts based on the data attached to each of the clips in your folder. CyberAlert's standard set of charts provides a wide range of measurements that together can provide substantive insights about the success, shortcomings and trends of your corporate communications programs or brand publicity. You can set the date parameters for any chart you wish to create. You can customize all the standard charts to your specific needs - and you can create your own customized charts. You can save and export your dynamically-created charts for use in Powerpoint presentations or Word documents. Here are some examples of the available charts.

In all CyberAlert Charts contains 7 basic charts, 22 charts under the advanced tab, and 15 additional charts. In addition, you can create most any media measurement chart you wish based on the available data on circulation, type of media, location and more.

The currently available media measurement charts include the following:

All these standard and advanced charts are available at no additional charge with a subscription to any CyberAlert media monitoring service. There may be a modest additional monthly charge to access the software package used to create customized charts.

More information about the CyberAlert media measurement charts is available in the Help File for the CyberAlert Digital Clip Archive. The presentation was developed as a training program to instruct new clients on how to create customized charts.

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