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CyberAlert: Success Stories in Media Monitoring

Each day, CyberAlert® media monitoring services are used by corporations, government agencies and not-for-profit organizations throughout the world to conduct more than 2,000 ongoing daily searches of corporate and brand names for public relations, corporate and brand reputation management, competitive intelligence, market intelligence, and trademark infringement.

The Houston Museum of Natural Science, for example, uses CyberAlert to monitor the news and social media and gauge how the museum is being perceived, especially during major events like when its Hall of Paleontology expanded.

"There have been a couple of couple of instances in which we were able to better serve our patrons and provide better customer service after seeing how we were being mentioned on social media channels."
Sami Mesarwi, Assistant Director of Marketing and PR at the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

Mesarwi has been using CyberAlert for over two years. Read his full review of CyberAlert's services in PR Week.

Here are a few more examples of how media monitoring by CyberAlert has helped our customers improve their business.

Cases: Internet Media Monitoring Success
Case Study: Financial, Customer Service — A credit card company discovered a pattern of complaints in which customers accused it of intentionally delaying the posting of payments in order to collect late charges.
Action: In investigating, the company found that an outsource supplier was in a continual state of backlog. They hired a new supplier.

Case Study: Technology, Reputation Management — Within days after product launch, a software firm found customer dissatisfaction with specific product features.
Action: The firm's programmers fixed the bugs and made a patch available within days for download.

Case Study: Medicine/Health, Reputation Management — A pharmaceutical firm found specialist MDs discussing its product online and recommending it inappropriately.
Action: A professional relations staff member published corrective information wherever and whenever doctors posted incorrect recommendations.

Case Study: Telecommunications, Competitive Intelligence — A telco uncovered a competitor's strategy on the company's website.
Action: The company used the intelligence to refine its presentations during legislative hearings — with the legislature ultimately upholding the company's position.

Case Study: Insurance, Reseller Monitoring — An insurance company found independent brokers misrepresenting features of its products.
Action: Monitoring its retail channel on the Internet, the insurer forced brokers to correct online product information.

Case Study: Fashion, Market Research — A clothing manufacturer found young customers buzzing online about a new "thing" in fashion.
Action: The manufacturer incorporated the new "thing" into their next run advertising campaign.

Case Study: Packaging, Competitive Intelligence — A glass manufacturer uncovered online the location, size, capacity, and employment levels for a competitor's new manufacturing plant — information which could not be found elsewhere.
Action: The manufacturer incorporated the information into their next year's competitive strategy.

Case Study: Agriculture, Public Affairs — A major manufacturer became the focal point for activists' crusades against genetically-modified foods.
Action: The company positioned itself to "own" the issue so that public debate on the Internet takes place largely on the company's terms.

Case Study: Software, Trademark Infringement — On its first day of formal monitoring, an established software company discovered another newly-created company with virtually the same name and similar software products.
Action: The company's legal department took immediate action to force the new company to change its name.

Call a CyberAlert account executive at 203-375-7200 or 800-461-7353 to order daily monitoring for your company or brand — and start achieving your own success story.

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