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Combatting Fake News: PR's Critical Role

January 2017, Issue #3

Media Measurement News is a weekly educational newsletter published by, the media monitoring and measurement service, for professionals in public relations (PR), marketing, competitive intelligence and communications. was previously CyberAlert LLC.
Featured Article
Combatting Fake News: PRs Critical Role
PR has a responsibility to take a leading role in combatting fake news. To protect their organizations and brands, PR professionals must monitor social media for erroneous reports and swiftly counter misinformation. PR can also play a larger role by supporting fact-checking organizations and by pushing Google and Facebook to block fake news reports. Read More »

Creating Quality Content is the Best SEO Tactic - but How Do You Define Quality?
Most marketers agree that "content is king" and that creating quality content is the most effective SEO strategy. Creating outstanding content that meets the needs of the audience is also the most challenging way to gain higher ranking in search results. Publishing large amounts of mediocre content will not achieve SEO success - or click with the audience. Read More »
How Interactive Content & Personalization Improve Video Marketing Success
Marketing and PR can improve online video promotion through interactive content and personalization. Besides keeping viewers interested, interactive content such as surveys, quizzes and links, can improve video marketing measurement. Read More »
The Effect of Artificial Intelligence on PR - and How to Handle It
Artificial Intelligence will transform knowledge-based, white collar occupations once thought to be safe from automation. That includes public relations. It's essential for PR to be ready to communicate how AI will change their organizations - and learn how best to apply AI to standard PR tasks. Read More »
Cinnabons Tweet Shows the Risks on Social Media; How to Avoid Offending
It's easy to stir consumer anger through tweets and social media comments that seem innocent when you hit the publish button. Cinnabon's tweet on Carrie Fisher's demise displayed the most recent example of a social media faux pas by a leading brand. Following these tips can help PR and marketing avoid being scalded on social media for offensive remarks. Read More »
Pinterest Predicts Top Consumer Trends with Social Media Analytics
Brands can benefit from Pinterest's new research that reveals outstanding trends in a range of lifestyle trends. The research shows the type of insights brands can uncover through social media analytics. Read More »
Most Viewed from Previous Issues
Top PR & Marketing Trends to Embrace in 2017
As the digital marketing landscape continues to evolve, PR and marketing teams must become early adopters of emerging technologies and adjust established techniques to survive and triumph. Read More »
Top 4 Worst-Handled PR Crises of 2016
Image source: Mike Mozart
Poor communications and faulty crisis management methods exacerbated many of the high-profile PR crises during the past year. By examining these cases, PR and C-level executives can learn how to manage crises better, protect corporate reputation, and gain public support. Read More »
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