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Does Engagement Still Matter as a Social Media Metric?

January 2017, Issue #5

Featured Article
Does Engagement Still Matter as a Social Media Metric?
Engagement may be falling out of favor as a social media metric. Trolls and declining interest in online conversations may be putting a damper on engagement. While some brands may place a low priority on engagement and instead use social networks as a broadcast channel, many marketers tout the benefits of engagement, saying it can accurately measure marketing success. The key is to link engagement with bottom-of-the funnel metrics. Read More »

How to Promote Your PR Message with Audio News Releases
Audio news releases (ANRs) can be one of the best ways to reach your audience and promote PR and marketing messages. The most effective ANRs are concise, focused messages with compelling news or opinions. PR pros need specialized skills to write quality scripts and a radio monitoring tool to prove the releases' effectiveness. Read More »
5 Ways to Avoid Google's Mobile Penalty for Interstitial Ads
Google now penalizes websites with intrusive mobile pages that block main content and interfere with the user experience. The new penalty on intrusive mobile interstitials highlights the importance of producing helpful content that guides visitors through the sales process. Read More »
Message from Davos World Economic Forum: Listen Better
Image source: Eugene Kaspersky
Stunned by unexpected political events, top corporate executives at Davos 2017 said their organizations must do a better job listening to the public and understanding public opinion. PR departments can best accomplish that task, as they serve as a conduit between consumers and corporate leaders through opinion polls and social media analytics. Read More »
Generation Z Poses New Challenges & Opportunities for PR & Marketing
Image source: Skinny Casual Lover
Generation Z, now 16 to 19 years old, is different from older generations in distinct and subtle ways. PR and marketing professionals who best understand those differences will be better able to engage with Gen Zers and win their attention and respect. Read More »
Automated Direct Messages on Twitter: A Useful but Risky Marketing Tool
Automated direct messages can increase engagement on Twitter while saving time. They also pose risks. Overuse can annoy followers, mark you as a spammer, and prompt Twitter to suspend your account. Following recommended practices can help you benefit from automated DM apps while avoiding Twitter's penalties. Read More »
Most Viewed from Previous Issues
Benefits, Challenges & Solutions for Competitive Intelligence through Media Monitoring
Companies can gain a competitive advantage with the through competitive intelligence that social media monitoring and measurement offers. Wading through the massive amount of information poses the greatest obstacle. Organizations can glean priceless insights by carefully selecting keywords and working with the right media monitoring service. Read More »
Social Media Etiquette: Dos and Donts for PR
PR pros embrace social media as a powerful tool for promoting their messages and connecting with journalists and other influencers. Breaching social media etiquette, however, can cause networking efforts to backfire. Following these guidelines will help put PR in good standing on social media. Read More »
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