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Does Engagement Still Matter as a Social Media Metric?

January 2017, Issue #5

Featured Article
Social Media Listening Rises in Importance & Value
Social media listening will become increasingly prevalent and beneficial in 2017 due to advances in social media monitoring tools and growing numbers of consumers researching, purchasing and commenting about products online. Brands that pursue deeper insights into customers' thinking through sophisticated listening tools stand to benefit the most. Read More »

PR Becomes a Leading Player in Super Bowl Advertising
PR has acquired a leading role in Super Bowl advertising. The ad campaigns often kick off with media relations events, followed by release teasers of ads on social media and even post-game war rooms for analysis and "spin." Comprehensive, integrated earned-media campaigns build suspense and help brands get the most out of the costly productions. Read More »
Should Facebook Marketers Produce Longer Videos?
Facebook's algorithm change that favors longer videos may prompt marketers to produce longer videos. Their success may be a long shot. To rise to the top of news feeds, longer videos must keep viewers' attention. Creating compelling videos that are relevant to their target audiences whatever the length may be a more effective strategy. Read More »
7 Tips for Successful Video Marketing
Businesses are embracing video marketing, but not all videos affect key business objectives. Keeping an eye on industry trends and benchmarks - and, most of all, on viewer needs — will help companies create and market better videos. Read More »
Most Viewed from Previous Issues
Does Engagement Still Matter as a Social Media Metric?
Engagement may be falling out of favor as a social media metric. Trolls and declining interest in online conversations may be putting a damper on engagement. While some brands may place a low priority on engagement and instead use social networks as a broadcast channel, many marketers tout the benefits of engagement, saying it can accurately measure marketing success. The key is to link engagement with bottom-of-the funnel metrics. Read More »
How to Promote Your PR Message with Audio News Releases
Audio news releases (ANRs) can be one of the best ways to reach your audience and promote PR and marketing messages. The most effective ANRs are concise, focused messages with compelling news or opinions. PR pros need specialized skills to write quality scripts and a radio monitoring tool to prove effectiveness of releases. Read More »
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