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3 Ways PR & Marketing Can Gain More C-Suite Engagement & Understanding

February 2017, Issue #2

Featured Article
3 Ways PR & Marketing Can Gain More C-Suite Engagement & Understanding
Surveys indicate that many executives and professionals in other departments don't understand and may not respect PR and marketing. However, PR and marketing professionals can follow these three steps to gain more facetime, engagement, influence, and larger budgets. Read More »

10 Top Technology Tools for Public Relations Pros
Although public relations remains a relationship-based profession, there are many automated tools that can help PR pros do their jobs faster and perhaps better. These digital tools can improve media pitching, save time and generally increase efficiency and make life easier for PR pros. Read More »
How Big Companies and Brands Can Better Navigate Todays Political Perils
As corporations increasingly become involved in political issues, PR teams and the organizations they represent walk a perilous tight rope. These tips can help you determine the best approaches to defuse charged political situations. Read More »
Which Types of Content Produce More Social Sharing [New Research]
The types of content that are shared most across different industries vary tremendously, according to new research. It's vital for PR and social media marketers to understand what resonates most with their target audiences. Social media measurement tools help brands analyze what, when and where customers share content. Read More »
10 Tips for Obtaining Publicity in Print Publications
PR may neglect print publications in their rush to win attention in digital publications and social media. Following these tips will help PR pros earn more media coverage in print publications. Producing outstanding images and finding geographic connections to local and regional publications are some of the important strategies. Read More »
On Embedding YouTube Videos in Social Media and Blog Posts for PR & Marketing
Including YouTube videos in blog posts can attract viewers and add depth to posts. Content producers and other types of bloggers don't need advanced coding skills and don't need to produce videos themselves. Learning how to embed already-produced videos in your PR and marketing posts can spice up your content. Read More »
Snapchats IPO Unveils Information on the Apps Marketing Potential
Image source:
Snapchat's IPO offered an abundance of data that brands will find valuable as they consider marketing through the app. Whether or not large numbers of marketers will embrace Snapchat is not clear. Read More »
Most Viewed from Previous Issues
Social Media Listening Rises in Importance & Value
Social media listening has become increasingly prevalent and beneficial due to advances in social media monitoring tools and growing numbers of consumers researching, purchasing and commenting about products online. Brands that pursue deeper insights into customers' thinking through sophisticated listening tools stand to benefit the most. Read More »
7 Tips for Successful Video Marketing
Businesses are embracing video marketing, but not all videos affect key business objectives. Keeping an eye on industry trends and benchmarks - and, most of all, on viewer needs — will help companies create and market better videos. Read More »
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