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12 Must-Have Features of a Robust Media Measurement Dashboard

February 2017, Issue #3

Featured Article
12 Must-Have Features of a Robust Media Measurement Dashboard
Requiring cutting-edge features in a media measurement dashboard can help PR and marketing teams glean greater benefits and insights from their media monitoring service. By carefully assessing each vendor's dashboard analytics, client organizations can assess the breadth and accuracy of news and social media coverage. Careful evaluation can also reveal how the dashboard's metrics and analytics will benefit multiple departments and functions throughout the enterprise. Read More »

PR Measurement: Essential Ingredient for Press Releases
As PR pros debate the merits of press releases, media monitoring and measurement can help determine the impact and cost-efficient of press releases and overall PR campaigns — and thereby help resolve that ongoing debate. Consider using some advanced metrics when evaluating the effectiveness of your media relations activities. Read More »
A New PR & Marketing Risk: Conflict between Athletes & Sponsors
Image source: Keith Allison via Flickr
In an emerging trend, star athletes and other performers are increasingly willing to criticize their corporate sponsors and its positions on issues of concern. PR, marketing and product endorsement executives need to be on guard to protect against potential conflicts and be prepared to react quickly to mitigate fallout from CEO comments, corporate position statements or an unexpected event. Case in point: Stephen Curry and Under Armour. Read More »
PR & Native Ads Seen as Answers to Spreading Ad Blockers
Image source: Scott Shiller via Flickr
Earned media and native advertising may be effective antidotes to ad blockers, which continue to spread rapidly, placing digital advertising and publishing revenue models at risk. Smart brands will turn to their PR departments or agencies, which have the skills to create compelling content and monitor the effectiveness of the ads. Read More »
Solutions to Influencer Marketing Problems
Influencer marketing faces pitfalls as more brands turn to the tactic as an alternative to digital advertising. Organizations can overcome those hurdles with the right techniques. Read More »
Creative Ideas for Social Media Marketing
As marketers compete for the attention of fickle consumers, creativity has become paramount. Consider these ideas and creative examples from leading brands to spark your marketing creativity. Read More »
LinkedIn Reveals the Secret Sauce for LinkedIn Marketing
Image source: Jennifer C. via Flickr
LinkedIn's new ebook offers a slew of worthwhile information on advertising as well as valuable tips for improving organic PR and marketing on the network. Although the ebook naturally favors advertising on LinkedIn, B2B PR and marketing professionals may be interested in delving into its contents. Read More »
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3 Ways PR & Marketing Can Gain More C-Suite Engagement & Understanding
Surveys indicate that many executives and professionals in other departments don't understand and may not respect PR and marketing. However, PR and marketing professionals can follow these three steps to gain more facetime, engagement, influence, and larger budgets. Read More »
10 Top Technology Tools for Public Relations Pros
Although public relations remains a relationship-based profession, there are many automated tools that can help PR pros do their jobs faster and perhaps better. These digital tools can improve media pitching, save time and generally increase efficiency, and make life easier for PR pros. Read More »
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