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12 Why AVEs Live on as a PR Measurement Metric

February 2017, Issue #4

Featured Article
Why AVEs Live on as a PR Measurement Metric
Advertising value equivalencies (AVEs) persist as a PR metric, much to the frustration of PR measurement experts. Educating clients can help spread the adoption of more meaningful PR metrics. However, some clients will likely cling to the use of AVEs even as PR measurement gurus continue to denounce the advertising-based metric. Read More »

How PR Can Improve the Organizations Writing Skills - and Productivity
PR teams can improve writing skills within their organizations by creating writing centers where they coach co-workers on how to improve their writing. Besides improving productivity, PR will gain respect and knowledge about their organization. Read More »
Amazon Alexa Offers Vast Potential for Brands
Image source: Osseous via Flickr
Amazon's voice-activated Alexa application together with its Echo smart speaker offer huge marketing potential for brands. The technology also poses huge PR risks from ill-conceived and poorly implemented applications, called skills, on the Alexa platform. Read More »
Beware the Lies of Fake Data Visualizations
Image source: Scott Shiller via Flickr
Charts and grafts can deceive viewers, deliberately or accidentally. Spotting data visualization cons and avoiding mistakes that mislead viewers when creating charts or graphs have become important skills for all marketing and PR professionals. Read More »
Is Virtual Reality Ready for Prime-Time Marketing Now?
Obstacles have slowed marketers' expected adoption of virtual reality videos. Still, VR adherents predict the immersive video experience will be "the Next Big Thing." The question is when. Read More »
Sponsors, PR Agencies & Publishers Must Ensure Proper Disclosures for Native Advertising
Clear disclosures for native advertising protect the brand's reputation and actually improve the ads' effectiveness. It's essential for PR to take a leading role in assuring adequate disclosures, understanding FTC guidelines and staying informed about the agency's enforcement actions. Read More »
Essential Factors Impacting Corporate Reputation [New Research]
New research delves into the most important factors influencing corporate reputation and how those factors are shifting. The study can help guide PR and corporate communications strategies. Read More »
Most Viewed from Previous Issues
12 Must-Have Features of a Robust Media Measurement Dashboard
Requiring state-of-the-art features in a media measurement dashboard can help PR and marketing teams obtain greater benefits and insights from their media monitoring service. By carefully assessing each vendor's dashboard analytics, client organizations can assess the breadth and accuracy of news and social media coverage. Careful evaluation can also reveal how the dashboard's metrics and analytics will benefit multiple departments and functions throughout the enterprise,not just PR. Read More »
PR Measurement: Essential Ingredient for Press Releases
As PR pros debate the merits of press releases, media monitoring and measurement can help determine the impact and cost-efficiency of news releases and overall PR campaigns — and thereby help resolve that ongoing debate. Consider using some advanced metrics when evaluating the effectiveness of your media relations activities. Read More »
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