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Social Media Monitoring: A Potent Source of Data on Drug Misuse

March 2017, Issue #1

Featured Article
Social Media Monitoring: A Potent Source of Data on Drug Misuse
Social media monitoring can provide valuable data on drug misuse, new research reveals. By uncovering information not typically found through other means, social media listening can help fight the serious public health threat of prescription drug misuse and abuse. The benefit is one of many that social media monitoring can provide pharmaceutical companies and medical providers. Read More »

Nissans Alternative Road to Social Media Listening Success
Nissan's unconventional approach to social media monitoring ignores departmental silos and delivers the benefits of social media to the entire organization. Learning about how Nissan runs social media listening can help organizations improve their own social media monitoring and measurement efforts. Read More »
Can PwCs Reputation Recover from its Oscar Night Blunder?
Image source: CNNMoney
The high-profile gaffe at the Academy Awards night substantially damaged PwC's reputation. The accounting firm may salvage its reputation by following the PR crisis management playbook. Even then, PR crisis management experts disagree over how quickly the firm can recover. Read More »
Social Media Measurement Helps Brands Survive the Boycott Culture
Brands increasingly face calls for boycotts no matter what positions they take on the political and issues management front - or even if they do nothing. Social media monitoring and measurement can help them anticipate and weather controversies with the least damage to their bottom line and corporate reputation. Read More »
How Best to Employ Emoji in PR and Marketing Communications
Whether you love them or hate them, emoji are now ubiquitous in business communications. Brands can employ emoji as powerful PR and marketing tools. However, they can also backfire if used improperly. Read More »
Facebooks New Jobs Feature - What it Means for Jobs - and Marketing
Image source: Facebook
The new Facebook Jobs may increase work and responsibility of social media marketers. Job ads may become another piece of a brand's social media marketing strategy. Read More »
Most Viewed from Previous Issues
Why AVEs Live on as a PR Measurement Metric
Advertising value equivalencies (AVEs) persist as a PR metric, much to the frustration of PR measurement experts. Educating clients can help spread the adoption of more meaningful PR metrics. However, some clients will likely cling to the use of AVEs even as PR measurement gurus continue to denounce the advertising-based metric. Read More »
How PR Can Improve the Organizations Writing Skills - and Productivity
PR teams can improve writing skills within their organizations by creating writing centers where they coach co-workers on how to upgrade their writing. Besides improving productivity, PR will gain respect and knowledge about their organization. Read More »
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