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Why PR Should Help Restore Public Trust in the Media — and How It Can Do It

March 2017, Issue #2

Featured Article
Why PR Should Help Restore Public Trust in the Media — and How It Can Do It
Image source: Vic via Flickr
Public trust in the media has clearly fallen to new lows. PR can and should help restore that trust. Here's how PR can accomplish that goal. Read More »

After One Year - The Complexities of Measuring Facebook Reactions
Image source: We Are Social via Flickr
A year after their introduction, the emoticons in Facebook Reactions are enabling marketers to improve engagement and measurement. The symbols also make measurement more complicated. Classifying reactions as support or opposition can be tricky. Read More »
WikiLeaks Revelations of CIA Hacking Techniques Elevate Data Security & PR Risks for Business
Image source: Wikimedia Commons
The WikiLeaks disclosure about CIA cyber-spying abilities and techniques creates a PR crisis for the agency. The revelations also highlight the vulnerability of corporations. All businesses and not-for-profits now face increased risk that sensitive information can become public. All businesses are well-advised to plan for data breaches and leaks of their sensitive data in the future. Read More »
Social Media Marketing Lessons from Dennys Most Popular Tweet Ever
Denny's showed how a scavenger hunt meme can produce outstanding results on social media. Before attempting to replicate the tactic, it's essential to understand your audience and know pretty much how they will react. Read More »
How Best to Employ Emoji in PR and Marketing Communications
New beliefs about money and how to spend it - or not spend it - impact PR and marketing practices. As consumers show less interest in accumulating material possessions without good reasons, PR and marketing will need to adjust their strategies and better explain the long-term value of products and services. Read More »
How Data Journalism Can Elevate PR & Marketing
Data journalism is no longer restricted to newsrooms and large publishing companies. Marketing and PR can employ data journalism to tell compelling stories and gain attention, including increased numbers of media placements in major news sources. Read More »
Survey: Most Marketers Ignorant of FTC Influencer Marketing Guidelines
A surprising number of marketers don't understand or are not aware of FTC guidelines on sponsored influencer marketing posts. Even worse, some marketers ask influencers not to reveal they were compensated. Read More »
Most Viewed from Previous Issues
div style="font-family:Arial,Helvetica,Sans-serif;font-size:18px;font-weight:bold;color:#007de9;line-height:1.2;margin: 0 0 0 0;clear:both;">Social Media Monitoring: A Potent Source of Data on Drug Misuse
Social Media Monitoring: A Potent Source of Data on Drug Misuse
Social media monitoring can provide valuable data on drug misuse, new research reveals. By uncovering information not typically found through other means, social media listening can help fight the serious public health threat of prescription drug misuse and abuse. The benefit is one of many that social media monitoring can provide pharmaceutical companies and medical providers. Read More »
Nissans Alternative Road to Social Media Listening Success
Nissan's unconventional approach to social media monitoring ignores departmental silos and delivers the benefits of social media to the entire organization. Learning about how Nissan runs social media listening can help organizations improve their own social media monitoring and measurement efforts. Read More »
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