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How to Find the Best Influencers for Your Brand

March 2017, Issue #3

Featured Article
How to Find the Best Influencers for Your Brand
While influencer marketing offers an effective strategy, finding the right influencers can be challenging. It's essential to seek influencers who align with your brand's tone rather than personalities with large numbers of followers. Read More »

Whats the Value of a Like? [New Research]
Contrary to marketers' expectations, consumers who like brands on Facebook are not more likely to purchase the liked brands. Still, brands can gain many advantages by listening to ardent customers and engaging with them on social media. Read More »
Why Marketing Analytics Dont Influence Decisions More
Image source: Sophia Jones via Flickr
While most marketing executives recognize the benefits of analytics, many struggle to incorporate data analytics into decision-making. Executives must build greater confidence in their marketing analytics, knock down departmental silos, and embed data analytics into the decision-making process. Read More »
The Imperative for Ethical Marketing Practices for Online Reviews
A new law prohibits form contracts that try to stop customers from writing negative reviews. Unscrupulous businesses can take note: Trying to suppress negative reviews or making up positive reviews will backfire and lead to a PR disaster or marketing catastrophe. The most effective long-term tactic is to seek honest reviews and increase trust by showing both the good and bad. Read More »
Micro-Influencers: A Superior Influencer Marketing Tactic
Partnering with social media influencers with smaller numbers of followers, often referred to as micro-influencers, can be more effective and is certainly more affordable than working with celebrity influencers. Brands can successfully engage with micro-influencers in multiple ways on social media. Read More »
Are Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Ready for Prime Time in PR, Marketing & Customer Service?
Although artificial intelligence may have a role in public relations and marketing, companies have become cautious about embracing the chatbot form of AI and some have abandoned the software programs. The retreat underscores challenges of implementing the still-developing technology. Chatbots and other forms of artificial intelligence may not significantly infiltrate PR and marketing as quickly as many predicted. Read More »
Most Viewed from Previous Issues
Why PR Should Help Restore Public Trust in the Media — and How It Can Do It
Image source: Vic via Flickr
Public trust in the media has clearly fallen to new lows. PR can and should help restore that trust. Here's how PR can accomplish that goal. Read More »
After One Year - The Complexities of Measuring Facebook Reactions
Image source: We Are Social via Flickr
A year after their introduction, the emoticons in Facebook Reactions are enabling marketers to improve engagement and measurement. The symbols also make measurement more complicated. Classifying reactions as support or opposition can be tricky. Read More »
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