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How PR & Marketing Work Better Together

April 2017, Issue #1

Featured Article
How PR & Marketing Work Better Together
PR and marketing professionals can improve the performance of both of their departments by working together more closely. By demonstrating their value through better measurement, they will both earn accolades from upper management and along with increased budgets. Read More »

How Law Firms Can Find the Best Media Monitoring Solution
Selecting a media monitoring solution can seem daunting for law firms. Law firms can quickly hone in on the best monitoring solutions if they know the qualities that separate the top-tier of services. Read More »
Exceptional Customer Experience through Social Media Listening
Social media listening enables companies to provide an outstanding customer experience. The key is to deliver timely and personalized responses. As more people spend more time on social media, it's become essential for organizations to work harder social media listening and answering. Read More »
Artificial Intelligence Reveals Popular Storytelling Paths
Using artificial intelligence, researchers identified the most popular emotional paths of stories. Interestingly, the story line most frequently followed by writers is not the most popular among readers. The results reveal how AI can help storytellers improve their work even if computer programs cannot produce their own stories. Read More »
The Insidious Problem of Fake Twitter Accounts
Fake bot accounts are abundant on Twitter and can cause problems for social media measurement and influencer marketing. Twitter users who know red flags to watch for can usually spot bot accounts. Read More »
How General Mills Answered Negative Buzz to its Bee Campaign
Image source: General Mills
Even well-intentioned corporate actions can come under fire — and that criticism is often mistaken. PR pros have an arsenal of possible counter-attacks, but that doesn't mean they should use them. The Honey Nut Cheerios response to allegations about its free wildflower seeds demonstrates how a restrained response can be the best course of action. Read More »
How Trump Created a New Era for Corporate Social Responsibility
Opposition to President Trump's travel restrictions on Muslims has opened a new chapter on corporate social responsibility. Both social concerns and self-interest motivate companies to oppose the restrictions, which remain blocked by the courts, and to promote diversity. Read More »
The Extensive Fall-out of Googles YouTube Ad Scandal
Image source: Maurits Knook
As brands abandon YouTube advertising over offensive content, Google is scrambling to respond. At least in the short-term, the scandal may energize traditional media outlets and slow the spread of software-driven ad networks. Read More »
Most Viewed from Previous Issues
8 Ways Law Firms Benefit from Media Monitoring
Integrated media monitoring provides a vast amount of information from online news and social media that law firms can use to gain more clients, win court cases, and stay informed about legal news. Full-fledged media monitoring also provides the firm with public perception and sentiment on its partners and branding. Read More »
9 Distressing PR Measurement Failings
When done correctly, PR measurement can help improve PR campaigns and prove PR's value to clients and C-suite executives. PR measurement often falls short, however. Avoiding these common mistakes can greatly elevate your measurement program. Read More »
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