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18 Tips to Improve Your Organization's Social Media Listening

April 2017, Issue #2

Featured Article
18 Tips to Improve Your Organizations Social Media Listening
While more organizations listen to customers on social media, many may wonder exactly what to listen for and how to do it. This article provides unusual insight into how your organization can achieve the greatest benefit from social media monitoring. Read More »

How Valuable is Medium for PR and Marketing?
Fans of Medium believe it can significantly grow a blog's audience. Others caution that the publishing platform is not well-known among the general population and that predicting how much a brand can benefit from the blogging platform is difficult. Read More »
The Pitfalls of Hashtags in Marketing & PR
Image source: ecodallaluna via Flickr
Hashtags remain a powerful tool for promoting brands - but only if used carefully and strategically. Inappropriate use or overuse of hashtags can backfire and damage an organization's marketing efforts. Read More »
Critique: United Airlines Issues Feeble Apology after Forced Removal of Passenger
PR crisis experts blasted United's response to a viral video of a passenger being violently removed from a flight and suggested what the airline could have done to save its reputation. Its apology lacked substance and sincerity and failed to address underlying issues of bumping passengers off flights. Read More »
Future of PR: Will PR Meld into Marketing and Disappear?
Public relations is converging with marketing and may soon disappear as a distinct function, many PR and marketing executives believe. Even if PR maintains its independence, it will certainly change. Many PR pros say the term "public relations" will no longer accurately describe their jobs. Read More »
Survey Reveals Local & Regional Newspapers in Recovery; Still Good Outlets for PR
Local and regional newspapers have greater confidence in their future. Digital services, especially online apps, improve their revenue outlooks. Savvy PR pros continue to include local and regional publications on their media lists to promote their organizations. Read More »
Are Infographics Passé?
Image source: Buchanan PR
Some marketing experts say infographics usually produce poor results; others say they are an excellent content marketing tool. Either way, shrewd marketers will align content formats with their goals and audience preferences and strive to produce high-quality content. Read More »
Most Viewed from Previous Issues
How PR & Marketing Work Better Together
PR and marketing professionals can improve the performance of both of their departments by working together more closely. By demonstrating their value through better measurement, they will both earn accolades from upper management along with increased budgets. Read More »
How Law Firms Can Find the Best Media Monitoring Solution
Selecting a media monitoring solution can seem daunting for law firms. Law firms can quickly hone in on the best monitoring solutions if they know the qualities that separate the top-tier of services. Read More »
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