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How Social Media Listening Benefits Book Publishers & Authors

April 2017, Issue #3

Featured Article
How Social Media Listening Benefits Book Publishers & Authors
Executives at a major book publisher explain how they used social media listening to better promote their authors and titles. The publisher's examples show that almost all industries can benefit from social media monitoring. Read More »

Why PR Should Manage Native Advertising
Native advertising is surging, and public relations professionals believe they have a leading role to play in crafting content. PR executives argue that PR, with its storytelling and content development skills, is best suited to oversee the rapidly growing medium of native advertising. Read More »
How PR Can Counter the Problem of Fake Financial News
Revelations that financial news sites have their own fake news problem put investors as well as public corporations on guard. Ethical PR pros will strive to combat such unscrupulous practices. Read More »
The Value of Snapchat for Public Relations
Snapchat offers creative options for public relations campaigns. Brands can use the innovative features of the messaging and photo-sharing app to increase awareness of their company and products and ultimately increase sales. Read More »
An Unwise PR Strategy: Competitors Mock United Airlines
Some competing airlines attempted to promote themselves while making fun of United Airlines and its recent PR fiasco. Kicking a competitor when it's down is a risky strategy, PR experts warn. By mocking United, other airlines may diminish, not bolster, their own reputations and lose, not win, customers. Read More »
The Secrets to Making a Viral Video
Marketing and PR pros can increase their chances of creating popular videos by examining examples of videos that went viral. Most importantly, a strong story and emotional connection keep viewers interested and encourage them to share the experience with others. Read More »
Instagram Not Killing Snapchat?
News that Instagram Stories claims more daily users than Snapchat prompted predictions of Snapchat's demise. A more in-depth analysis reveals there's more to the story. Read More »
Most Viewed from Previous Issues
18 Tips to Improve Your Organizations Social Media Listening
While more organizations listen to customers on social media, many may wonder exactly what to listen for and how best to do it. This article provides unusual insight into how your organization can achieve the greatest benefit from social media monitoring. Read More »
How Valuable is Medium for PR and Marketing?
Fans of the blogging platform Medium believe it can significantly grow a blog's audience. Others caution that the publishing platform is not well-known among the general population and that predicting how much a brand can benefit from using Medium is difficult. Read More »
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