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Katie Paine's 6 Steps to PR Measurement Success

May 2017, Issue #1

Featured Article
Katie Paines 6 Steps to PR Measurement Success
Advice from one of the leading PR measurement experts offers a scientific approach to measuring PR's contributions to meeting the organization's goals. With specific steps, PR pros can identify the most appropriate metrics and demonstrate their impact on the organization's success. Read More »

Regulations Restrict Monitoring of Employees on Social Media
Companies have valid reasons for monitoring employees on social media. However, if companies are not careful, they can run afoul of government regulations or elicit lawsuits from employees. These recommendations from legal experts will help organizations avoid those legal quagmires and regulatory penalties. Read More »
Public Relations Lessons from Warren Buffett
Image source: thetaxhaven
In addition to being a renowned investor, Warren Buffett is a public relations master. PR pros and business executives can learn from Buffet's practices to bolster their PR and develop more positive brand reputations. Read More »
Communications Executives Grapple with unprecedented Uncertainty from Trump
Image source: Gage Skidmore
Anonymous interviews with top communications executives reveal the breadth and depth of fears that President Trump will cause a PR crisis for their organizations. Business leaders are not passively waiting. They are preparing crisis communications plans and trying to better protect and enhance their brands' reputations. Read More »
Purpose-Driven Marketing: Potent Strategy or Marketing Fad?
Image source: New York Times
Some marketers tout purpose-driven marketing as an outstanding strategy for increasing brand awareness and attracting customers. Others warn that, although effective in some instances, it's the latest marketing fad that may soon become tiresome. Read More »
Second Facebook News Feed may Restore Diminishing Reach of Brands
A second Facebook news feed that's under development could help users of the social network discover new content, enabling marketers to reach new customers. Publishers and brands will no doubt eagerly wait to see how the alternative news feed evolves and what results it delivers. Read More »
How to Increase Your Reach on Facebook
Image source: Scott Wickersty
Insights from a top Facebook executive and digital marketing experts can help marketers understand the news feed algorithm and increase their reach on the world's most popular social media network. Read More »
Most Viewed from Previous Issues
How Social Media Listening Benefits Book Publishers & Authors
Executives at a major book publisher explain how they used social media listening to better promote their authors and titles. The publisher's examples show that almost all industries can benefit from social media monitoring. Read More »
Why PR Should Manage Native Advertising
Native advertising is surging, and public relations professionals believe they have a leading role to play in crafting content. PR executives argue that PR, with its storytelling and content development skills, is best suited to oversee the rapidly growing medium of native advertising. Read More »
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