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The Realities of Becoming a Solo PR Pro - and How to Succeed

May 2017, Issue #2

Featured Article
The Realities of Becoming a Solo PR Pro - and How to Succeed
Many public relations professionals dream about working as an independent consultant. Experienced solo PR pros urge some hard thinking before dropping a full-time position. Careful research, a realistic appraisal of your skills, and carefully laying the groundwork can ease the transition. Read More »

Voice Search Transforming SEO & Website Content Practices
Voice search is transforming SEO and online content practices. Keywords are becoming longer and more conversational; website content is becoming more complex. PR and marketing pros, typically responsible for writing website copy, are instrumental in helping their organizations adjust to the new content-development practices. Read More »
PR Implications of Twitters Financial Struggles
Twitter's financial troubles put its long-term viability in doubt, some say. Twitter may not disappear immediately, but forward-thinking PR pros will diversify into other networks, remain flexible and carefully monitor emerging developments. Read More »
New Strategies to Rejuvenate Influencer Marketing
Most brands do not gain the full benefits of influencer marketing. Influencer marketing falters when increasingly cynical customers realize that influencer messages are paid advertisements. Nonetheless, well-conceived strategies can help brands build stellar influencer marketing campaigns. Read More »
Role of Media Monitoring & Measurement in Managing the Attention Cycle during Scandals
Gaining positive publicity becomes difficult after news of a scandal fades and the media loses interest. But that's exactly when an organization most needs positive publicity. PR can lean on owned media to reach important stakeholders and gauge progress through media monitoring and measurement. Read More »
Brands Ponder How to React to Mocking Memes
Derisive memes can cause or aggravate a PR crisis. It's essential for brands to constantly monitor social media, blogs and message boards — and respond quickly. The best response varies depending on the nature of the meme and the issue at hand. Read More »
Removal of Fake Facebook Accounts May Impact Marketing & PR Efforts
Image source: C_osset via Flickr
Removal of tens of thousands of fake Facebook accounts may decrease the number of likes for some organizations. That in turn could decrease the reach of their posts in the short term. Over the longer run, both Facebook and brands should benefit as engagement levels improve and marketers gain more accurate analytics. Read More »
Most Viewed from Previous Issues
Katie Paines 6 Steps to PR Measurement Success
Advice from one of the leading PR measurement experts offers a scientific approach to measuring PR's contributions to meeting the organization's goals. With specific steps, PR pros can identify the most appropriate metrics and demonstrate their impact on the organization's success. Read More »
Regulations Restrict Monitoring of Employees on Social Media
Companies have valid reasons for monitoring employees on social media. However, if companies are not careful, they can run afoul of government regulations or elicit lawsuits from employees. These recommendations from legal experts will help organizations avoid those legal quagmires and regulatory penalties. Read More »
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