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The Fallacy of Increased Awareness as a PR Goal & Metric

May 2017, Issue #3

Featured Article
The Fallacy of Increased Awareness as a PR Goal & Metric
Although PR pros often brag about increasing awareness of their brands, some PR measurement experts call awareness a bogus objective. Simply trying to "create buzz" degrades PR's role. More valid objectives relate to specific actions of stakeholders and the organization's primary goals. Read More »

New Research: Social Media Listening among Top PR Trends
Social media listening is one of the top three digital trends transforming -and improving — public relations, new research reveals. Combined with digital storytelling and real-time marketing, social media listening is increasing the value of public relations. Read More »
Monitoring Twitter: The New Mandate for Investment Professionals and Investor Relations
A single tweet can move markets or sink a company's stock. That's why monitoring Twitter has become essential for stock traders and publicly traded companies. Read More »
When a Swift PR Crisis Response is a Bad Idea
Fast reactions to potential PR crises can be worse that no reaction at all. Impromptu responses to media reports without verifying allegations or finding the complete story can prompt hasty actions with adverse repercussions. Read More »
How to Evaluate New Marketing Technologies [Answer: Cautiously & Carefully]
With the many and varied marketing tools available, deciding which tools an organization needs can be challenging. Deciding which brand of tool compounds the challenge. While the benefits of technology can be great, the disadvantages of investing in an unneeded tool can be substantial. Read More »
The Most Desirable New Marketing Skill: Video or Analytics?
Some leading marketers say video is the most in-demand digital marketing skill. Others rank data analytics as the most valuable. Surveys of business leaders show that companies have a deep and growing need for people who can perform data analytics for marketing as well as public relations. Read More »
Most Viewed from Previous Issues
The Realities of Becoming a Solo PR Pro - and How to Succeed
Many public relations professionals dream about working as an independent consultant. Experienced solo PR pros urge some hard thinking before dropping a full-time position. Thorough research, a realistic appraisal of your skills, and carefully laying the groundwork can ease the transition. Read More »
Voice Search Transforming SEO & Website Content Practices
Voice search is transforming SEO and online content practices. Keywords are becoming longer and more conversational; website content is becoming more complex. PR and marketing pros, typically responsible for writing website copy, are instrumental in helping their organizations adjust to the new content-development practices. Read More »
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