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How Media Monitoring of Brand Mentions can Energize Your SEO

May 2017, Issue #4

Featured Article
How Media Monitoring of Brand Mentions can Energize Your SEO
Brand mentions provide SEO value even if they do not link to your site. That means it's now essential to track and report brand mentions. Organizations can use media monitoring tools to identify brand mentions and transform them into explicit links for even greater SEO value. Read More »

How PR Can Invigorate Storytelling
Top PR pros seek to craft compelling stories that win the attention of audiences and help them remember the organization's key messages. These three approaches to storytelling can help you create stories that captivate and educate all types of audiences. Read More »
Building Emotional Connections: The Key to Developing Ideal Customers
Emotional relationships create ideal customers. These tips on interacting with customers and conducting consumer research can help brands build positive relationships with customers. Read More »
5 PR & Social Media Lessons from the Nugget Boy and Wendys
Image source: Twitter
Public relations and social media pros can learn several lessons from a chicken nugget-loving teenager who set the record for the most retweets. The #NuggsForCarter episode clearly demonstrates the PR and marketing benefits of engaging customers appropriately on social media. Read More »
PR & Marketing Cope with Constant Social Media Change - and Expect More
PR and marketing change constantly, whether it's due to social media, video or artificial intelligence. The most successful professionals adapt to ongoing disruption by learning the necessary new skills. Read More »
Coca-Cola CMO Departure Signals Major Changes for Marketers
Image source: Coca-Cola
Marketing executives and their departments can certainly suffer consequences if they don't produce results, as illustrated by Coca-Cola's organizational overhaul and creation of a chief growth officer. Whether or not the trend toward creating chief growth officers continues, the Coca-Cola restructuring illustrates the need to produce measureable results that align with corporate goals. Read More »
Are Marketers Getting Better at Analytics?
New research asserts that measurement practices of B2B marketers are improving. While measuring and proving ROI continues to be challenging, that's no longer marketers' top concern. The survey offers a hopeful sign that measurement performance has turned a corner across all marketing sectors. Read More »
Most Viewed from Previous Issues
The Fallacy of Increased Awareness as a PR Goal & Metric
Although PR pros often brag about increasing awareness of their brands, some PR measurement experts call awareness a bogus objective. Simply trying to "create buzz" degrades PR's role. More valid objectives relate to specific actions of stakeholders and the organization's primary goals. Read More »
New Research: Social Media Listening among Top PR Trends
Social media listening is one of the top three digital trends transforming -and improving — public relations, new research reveals. Combined with digital storytelling and real-time marketing, social media listening is increasing the value of public relations. Read More »
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