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10 Tips to Leverage the Power of Brand Journalism

May 2017, Issue #5

Featured Article
10 Tips to Leverage the Power of Brand Journalism
Image source: Walmart Today
Brand journalism may have replaced media pitching. Why would PR need to constantly strain to pitch to the media, when brands themselves can BE the media. But effective brand journalism requires dropping traditional PR and marketing practices and acting like a journalist. Read More »

Public Relations Salaries Rising - but Gender Pay Gap Remains
Although public relations professionals enjoy rising salaries, surveys reveal a perplexing discrepancy between men's and women's pay levels. Men are more likely to win high-level positions and greater pay as they progress through their careers. Differences in ages of male and female survey participants cannot fully explain the salary difference. Read More »
Comedy vs. Customer Care on Social Media: What Consumers Really Like
Some brands have drawn praise and attention, including major media coverage, for their snarky social media comments. But do customers really appreciate their irreverent sense of humor? New research reveals what customers really want on social media and what brands can do to drive sales. Read More »
New Features Boost Facebook Marketing
New features will improve the ability of brands to manage Facebook Pages, participate in Facebook Groups and interact with customers. Experts call the updates a significant step. Brands that monitor the forums for opportunities to engage will win a marketing advantage. Read More »
Dove Campaign Reveals Risks of Misreading Data from Social Media Listening
Image source: Dove
Reactions to Dove's Real Beauty campaign with its diverse shapes of body wash bottles illustrate how data from social media listening can be misinterpreted. While many social media comments panned the campaign, a customer survey found more positive responses. Read More »
LinkedIn Updates Offer Greater Visibility to Users
Professionals who rely heavily on LinkedIn for B2B marketing will benefit from the network's latest updates. Experts urge those using LinkedIn to take advantage of new features - and to carefully read the new user agreement to avoid running afoul of its rules. Read More »
Most Viewed from Previous Issues
How Media Monitoring of Brand Mentions can Energize Your SEO
Brand mentions provide SEO value even if they do not link to your site. That means it's now essential to track and report brand mentions. Organizations can use media monitoring tools to identify brand mentions and transform them into explicit links for even greater SEO value. Read More »
How PR Can Invigorate Storytelling
Top PR pros seek to craft compelling stories that win the attention of audiences and help them remember the organization's key messages. These three approaches to storytelling can help you create stories that captivate and educate all types of audiences. Read More »
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