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Improve Your Media Monitoring & Web Searches with Advanced Search Operators

June 2017, Issue #1

Featured Article
Improve Your Media Monitoring & Web Searches with Advanced Search Operators
Advanced search operators are invaluable for searching the web; they deliver more precise search results. Almost everyone can benefit from using advanced operators such as "AND", "OR", "AND NOT" and many others when making online searches or when using a media monitoring service to get daily results from an ongoing search. Searching with advanced operators is actually quite easy - and search results are far better than simple keyword searches. Read More »

Aggressive Plans to Kill AVEs as PR Metric Draw Praise - and Skepticism
Aggressive efforts to eradicate advertising value equivalencies as a communications metric is controversial among PR professionals. While they don't argue that AVEs are a valid metric, some say disciplinary actions aimed at those who use the AVEs metric is going too far. Read More »
Journalists Reveal Their Top Peeves about PR Pitches
Public relations pros often read advice on how to write press releases and how to pitch story ideas to journalists. They don't always receive straight advice straight from journalists. By learning what PR blunders annoy journalists most, PR pros can improve their media pitches and safeguard their relationships with reporters and editors. Read More »
COO Survey Reveals Shortfalls in Measurement & Analytics for Marketing & PR
A new survey reveals some unexpected information about key performance indicators (KPIs) that chief communication officers track. A surprising number of organizations often select poor metrics and change their KPS too often. Despite some positive signs, measurement practices have a good deal of room for improvement. Read More »
Internet Trends 2017: Takeaways for Marketers
Marketers can find nuggets of quite valuable information in the Internet Trends 2017 report. Here's a synopsis and analysis of some of its key findings. Read More »
How to Improve Your Marketing Results on Pinterest - and Metrics to Track
Image source: Pinterest
Pinterest is gaining marketers' attention by introducing new features, such as search-based ads and metrics that are easily viewable on a brand's Pins. Many brands may benefit by boosting their Pinterest marketing efforts. Read More »
Most Viewed from Previous Issues
10 Tips to Leverage the Power of Brand Journalism
Image source: Walmart Today
Brand journalism may have replaced media pitching. Why would PR need to constantly strain to pitch to the media, when brands themselves can BE the media. But effective brand journalism requires dropping traditional PR and marketing practices and acting like a journalist. Read More »
Public Relations Salaries Rising - but Gender Pay Gap Remains
Although public relations professionals enjoy rising salaries, surveys reveal a perplexing discrepancy between men's and women's pay levels. Men are more likely to win high-level positions and greater pay as they progress through their careers. Differences in ages of male and female survey participants cannot fully explain the salary difference. Read More »
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