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Learning Snapchat Metrics: Winning in the 'Wild West' of Measurement

June 2017, Issue #2

Featured Article
Learning Snapchat Metrics: Winning in the Wild West of Measurement
Image source: Ben Phillips via Flickr
Although Snapchat's lack of formal, within app analytics poses a challenge to brands, marketers can still employ social media measurement techniques to learn how their snaps resonate with their customers and better understand their target audience. Measurement on Snapchat may require more effort than on other platforms, but is well worth the invested time if marketers learn how to improve their Snapchat campaigns. Read More »

How to Combine SEO & Influencer Marketing for Outsized Results
Although influencer marketing has become a well-established PR and marketing strategy, many brands don't pursue its potentially substantial SEO benefits. The right influencers can help improve a brand's domain authority and search results, leading to more website traffic and conversions. Read More »
How to Get Customer Testimonials that Drive Sales
Customer testimonials bring credibility, authority and more customers - but only when done well. Most customers don't know how to deliver good testimonials. These tips can help create testimonials that break down any roadblocks prospects have about purchasing your products. Read More »
New Guide on Media Measurement & Analytics Offers Wealth of Valuable Insights
The free ebook 2017 Ultimate Guide to Media Measurement for PR & Marketing offers in-depth advice from leading experts on proving and improving the value of PR and marketing. With 26 separate articles, the handbook's content provides valuable insights into top media monitoring trends and tips on effective social media monitoring & measurement. Professionals in PR, marketing, competitive intelligence and other sectors can benefit from scanning and delving into the guide's superb content. Read More »
The Chasm Between Workers & the C-Level on Marketing Effectiveness
A disconnect between C-level executives and lower-level marketers, revealed in a recent survey, surprised industry observers. The widely disparate opinions about the effectiveness of their company's marketing strategies could harm sales and company morale, experts warn. Read More »
Tricks of the PR Trade: How to Get Journalists Attention
Both freelance and staff journalists typically track social media shares of the articles they've written. That means engagement with journalists on Twitter, their favorite network, can be key to developing strong media relationships. Read More »
Most Viewed from Previous Issues
Improve Your Media Monitoring & Web Searches with Advanced Search Operators
Advanced search operators are invaluable for searching the web; they deliver more precise search results. Almost everyone can benefit from using advanced operators such as "AND", "OR", "AND NOT" and many others when making online searches or when using a media monitoring service to get daily results from an ongoing search. Searching with advanced operators is actually quite easy - and search results are far better than simple keyword searches. Read More »
Aggressive Plans to Kill AVEs as PR Metric Draw Praise - and Skepticism
Aggressive efforts to eradicate advertising value equivalencies as a communications metric is controversial among PR professionals. Some say disciplinary actions aimed at those who use the AVEs metric is going too far, while they agree that AVEs are not a valid metric. Read More »
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