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7 Steps to Unlock the Marketing & PR Power of User-Generated Content

June 2017, Issue #3

Featured Article
7 Steps to Unlock the Marketing & PR Power of User-Generated Content
Image source: HubSpot
Experts tout user-generated content as one of the most effective marketing strategies. Success is far from guaranteed. Experts recommend specific steps to find or solicit user-generated content. Read More »

How to Measure Podcast Results for Marketing & PR
Leading podcasters and measurement gurus agree analytics are essential, but offer different perspectives about the best strategies and metrics for measuring podcasts. Podcast measurement strategies also vary depending on the brand's marketing and PR objectives. Read More »
How to Grow Sales through Social Media Listening
Social media listening can provide sales leads that transform social media commenters and complainers into customers. The strategy requires a robust monitoring tool, carefully selected keyword phrases, and the appropriate follow-up from the sales team. Read More »
Survey Reveals Large Gap in PR Leadership Ratings
Top executives in public relations rate their performance much more highly than their staff, a new survey reveals. Interestingly, women in PR rate leaders much lower than men, tend to feel less trust in their organization and its culture, and have less job satisfaction. Read More »
Will Slack Revolutionize Internal Corporate Communications?
Slack enthusiasts say the instant messaging app will eliminate email and revolutionize business communications, including communications for internal corporate communications and PR teams. To surmount that high bar, employees must follow proper etiquette to ensure successful collaboration and gain the full benefits of Slack. Read More »
Instagram Marketing: How to Gain Followers, Engagement and Customers
Following proven social media marketing techniques on Instagram can help marketers obtain more followers and interactions — and ultimately get more website traffic, customers and sales. Read More »
Most Viewed from Previous Issues
Learning Snapchat Metrics: Winning in the Wild West of Measurement
Image source: Ben Phillips via Flickr
Although Snapchat's lack of formal, within app analytics poses a challenge to brands, marketers can still employ social media measurement techniques to learn how their snaps resonate with their customers. Measurement on Snapchat may require more effort than on other platforms, but is well worth the invested time if marketers learn how to improve their Snapchat campaigns. Read More »
How to Combine SEO & Influencer Marketing for Outsized Results
Although influencer marketing has become a well-established PR and marketing strategy, many brands don't pursue its potentially substantial SEO benefits. The right influencers can help improve a brand's domain authority and search results, leading to more website traffic and conversions. Read More »
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