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How to Prepare for the Inevitable PR Crisis

June 2017, Issue #4

Featured Article
How to Prepare for the Inevitable PR Crisis
These days companies and brands face greater risks of suffering a PR crisis than ever before. Preparing a plan to handle a calamity is just as essential as trying to avoid disasters. Read More »

Marketers Scramble to Meet GDPR Data Collection & Privacy Requirements
Businesses will face severe penalties for violating the European Union's new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The law imposes strict rules on how businesses collect and use customers' data and impacts companies even if they don't operate in the EU. Read More »
New Analytics from Apple May Transform Podcasting
Image source: Casey Fiesler via Wikimedia Commons
Podcasters, advertisers and marketers will gain more data and greater insight about listeners in Apple's new podcast analytics. Brands will be able to gauge the effectiveness of podcasts they produce or sponsor. The impact on podcasting is expected to be enormous. Read More »
Flood of Fake News Persists - How PR can Respond
Fake news remains more prevalent than ever despite efforts to combat the problem. Businesses are often targets. To defend against fake news, organizations can closely monitor news and social media and then deny misinformation as quickly as possible. Read More »
The End of Interruptive Advertising - The Rise of PR Strategies
Image source: Pascale PirateChickan via Flickr
New features of leading browsers combined with the spread of ad blockers make it even more difficult to reach consumers through online advertising. The combination may represent the death knell of interruptive online advertising. In response, more companies will turn to native advertising and a diverse range of PR strategies. Read More »
Survey: White House Communications Team Hurting PR Profession
Most PR professionals feel the White House communications team is damaging the PR profession, a new survey reveals. PR pros believe key members of the White House press team don't share their values of honest, open communications. Read More »
The Marketing & PR Value of Todays New Technologies
Image source: Gerd Leonhard via Flickr
A surprising number of marketers may not realize how quickly the public is accepting new technologies like voice search, artificial intelligence and the internet of things (IoT). Marketers who embrace those new technologies may be able to seize a competitive opportunity. Read More »
Most Viewed from Previous Issues
7 Steps to Unlock the Marketing & PR Power of User-Generated Content
Image source: HubSpot
Experts tout user-generated content as one of the most effective marketing strategies. Success is far from guaranteed. The specific steps experts recommend to find or solicit user-generated content can help assure success. Read More »
How to Measure Podcast Results for Marketing & PR
Leading podcasters and measurement gurus agree analytics are essential, but offer different perspectives about the best strategies and metrics for measuring podcasts. Podcast measurement strategies also vary depending on the brand's marketing and PR objectives. Read More »
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