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11 Questions to Ask Media Monitoring & Measurement Vendors

July 2017, Issue #1

Featured Article
11 Questions to Ask Media Monitoring & Measurement Vendors
While more companies embrace news monitoring and social media listening, finding the right media monitoring solution with the right analytics can be difficult. Asking detailed questions can help you find the best media monitoring and measurement service for your needs and avoid unhappy scenarios. Read More »

Are Social Media Command Centers Worth the Cost?
Image source: Robert Raines via Flickr
Leading brands have won substantial PR and marketing victories with social media command centers. But some experts now question if they are worth their considerable costs. Read More »
The Marketing & Measurement Quandary Brands Face on Facebook
Even though marketers view Facebook as their most important social media platform, most struggle to find marketing strategies that succeed on the network and also find it difficult to measure effectiveness. Most marketers believe their Facebook marketing is not effective or cannot quantify how well it's working. Read More »
Ubers PR Crisis: How Can the Company Solve its Problems?
Image source: Aaron Parecki via Flickr
A horrid corporate culture is the root problem of Uber's continual PR crises. Although PR response can address individual incidents, fostering a corporate culture that emphasizes respect, ethics and professionalism is the only solution to salvage the brand's reputation. Read More »
More Consumers Boycott or Embrace Brands Based on Political & Social Issues
Image source: Wikimedia
Companies face increasingly perilous times as more consumers base purchase decisions on brands' positions on political and social issues. In addition, many consumers refuse to buy from a brand that remains silent or unengaged on an issue they care about. Read More »
Is Engagement a Lousy Social Media Metric?
Many marketers believe engagement is one of the most important social media metrics. Now, some leading marketers say that widely held belief is mistaken. Read More »
Most Viewed from Previous Issues
How to Prepare for the Inevitable PR Crisis
These days companies and brands face greater risks of suffering a PR crisis than ever before. Preparing a plan to handle a calamity is just as essential as trying to avoid disasters. Read More »
Marketers Scramble to Meet GDPR Data Collection & Privacy Requirements
Businesses will face severe penalties for violating the European Union's new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The law imposes strict rules on how businesses collect and use customers' data and impacts companies even if they don't operate in the EU. Read More »
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