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The Essential Role of PR & Social Media in Responding to Negative News

July 2017, Issue #2

Featured Article
Measurement Experts Criticize Earned Media Value (EMV) as a Worthless Metric
Some digital marketing agencies promote earned media value as a helpful metric for measuring influencer marketing and other types of social media campaigns. Yet PR and marketing measurement experts lambast the metric as nonsensical and useless. Read More »

The Essential Role of PR & Social Media in Responding to Negative News
Research shows that negative news can spread quickly on social media, damage a company's reputation and cause many consumers to avoid purchasing its products. Vigorous monitoring of news and social media allows PR professionals to respond rapidly and counteract unfavorable news reports before they cause severe damage. Read More »
Want to Improve Employee Communications? Integrate New Technologies Employees Prefer
Many internal communications professional are reticent to abandon "old-school" technologies of email and company intranets. They struggle to reach employees who prefer mobile devices and social media. Using employees' preferred communications methods makes the most sense. Read More »
Apples Winning PR Strategies: An Insiders View
Public relations helped Steve Jobs transform Apple into one of the most respected brands of our times. PR experts, including a former Apple PR staff member, explain some of those successful PR strategies. Read More »
Facebook Introduces New Metrics to Please Brands
Marketers may be able to glean useful insights from Facebook's more detailed metrics. Although cynics suspect the new metrics promote Facebook's self-interest, smart marketers will examine the data to learn how to improve their campaigns. Read More »
Seize the Day (Week) — Birthday Marketing Offers a Happy Opportunity
Birthdays offer superb PR and marketing opportunities, especially with Facebook's new targeting capabilities. Some savvy business experts recommend focusing on relationship building as the best birthday marketing strategy, rather than pushing sales or discounts. Read More »
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11 Questions to Ask Media Monitoring & Measurement Vendors
While more companies embrace news monitoring and social media listening, finding the right media monitoring solution with the right analytics can be difficult. Asking the right questions can help you find the best media monitoring and measurement service for your needs and avoid unhappy scenarios. Read More »
Are Social Media Command Centers Worth the Cost?
Image source: Robert Raines via Flickr
Leading brands have won substantial PR and marketing victories with social media command centers. But some experts now question if they are worth their considerable costs. Read More »
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