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Social Media Listening: How PR Firms Satisfy Clients

July 2017, Issue #3

Featured Article
Social Media Listening: How PR Firms Satisfy Clients
Social media monitoring is a critical factor in determining corporate executives' satisfaction with their PR firms, new research reveals. PR firms that work with sophisticated media measurement vendors gain a competitive advantage and are better able to retain clients and attract new ones. Read More »

New Social Media Marketing Problem: Fake Influencer Scams
Brands can be cheated by fake social media influencers. It's essential for PR and marketing pros to know how to spot the imposters and identify social media users who can truly influencer customers' purchase decisions. Read More »
4 Examples of Effective Micro-Influencer Campaigns
Image source: Mediakix
Partnering with influencers who have significant yet relatively modest numbers of followers can be a superb marketing strategy for both major brands and smaller businesses. These case studies offer guidance on how to carry out successful micro-influencer campaigns. Read More »
Influencer Marketing: To Pay or Not Pay
Brands often ponder if they should pursue paid or unpaid influencer marketing programs. Both strategies offer pros and cons. Read More »
Time for Brands to Drop Influencer Marketing on Snapchat?
Snapchat's indifference to influencers may alter social media marketing strategies. If influencers head to other platforms, their fans and brands that pay influencers may follow. Read More »
Wall Street Journal Closes Blogs, but Blogs Remain a Vital Corporate Communications & Marketing Tool
The Wall Street Journal's decision to close eight blogs may be perceived as a sign of the downfall of blogs. But experts urge corporations to continue blogging. It brings business benefits that other PR and marketing strategies can't replicate. Read More »
Most Viewed from Previous Issues
Measurement Experts Criticize Earned Media Value (EMV) as a Worthless Metric
Some digital marketing agencies promote earned media value as a helpful metric for measuring influencer marketing and other types of social media campaigns. Yet PR and marketing measurement experts lambast the metric as nonsensical and useless. Read More »
The Essential Role of PR & Social Media in Responding to Negative News
Negative news can spread quickly on social media, damage a company's reputation and cause many consumers to avoid purchasing its products. Vigorous monitoring of news and social media allows PR professionals to respond rapidly and counteract unfavorable news reports before they spread and cause severe damage. Read More »
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