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The New Super Influencers on Social Media: Animals

July 2017, Issue #4

Featured Article
The New Super Influencers on Social Media: Animals
Image source: HubSpot
More brands realize that animals can be superb social media influencers. Dogs, cats and more exotic animals enjoy a natural charisma that attracts followers and gains outsized engagement. Read More »

Is PR Failing to Embrace New Technologies?
Some PR veterans say PR pros cling to obsolete practices and outdated tools. Others believe the profession has largely transitioned to a new digital environment, although room for improvement remains. Read More »
How to Extract the Most Value from Online Reviews
Online reviews significantly impact sales, but amassing large numbers of complimentary reviews is a mistaken strategy. Establishing credibility is crucial to gain benefits from reviews. Read More »
Artificial Intelligence Writes News Articles - What's the Impact on PR & Marketing?
Google's investment in an artificial intelligence project to produce news stories holds important implications for marketing and public relations. Business communicators will learn how artificial intelligence can best be applied in various aspects of corporate communications. Read More »
Avoiding the Surprising List of Banned Instagram Hashtags
Instagram's aggressive efforts to ban and restrict hashtags can sink marketing campaigns of even the most upstanding marketers. Its list of banned terms is long, inexplicable and constantly changing. Read More »
How to Use Twitter Moments for PR & Marketing
Twitter Moments can offer powerful marketing and storytelling possibilities. Sophisticated PR and marketing professionals and leading brands continue to experiment with the relatively new feature. Read More »
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Social Media Listening: How PR Firms Satisfy Clients
Social media monitoring is a critical factor in determining corporate executives' satisfaction with their PR firms, new research reveals. PR firms that work with sophisticated media measurement services gain a competitive advantage and are better able to retain clients and attract new ones. Read More »
New Social Media Marketing Problem: Fake Influencer Scams
Brands can be cheated by fake social media influencers. It's essential for PR and marketing pros to know how to spot the imposters and identify social media users who can truly influencer customers' purchase decisions. Read More »
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