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Reddit Ask Me Anything Sessions Can Produce Big PR Benefits, but Danger Lurks

August 2017, Issue #1

Featured Post
Reddit Ask Me Anything Sessions Can Produce Big PR Benefits, but Danger Lurks
Image source: Wikimedia Commons
Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions offer a powerful but dangerous public relations and marketing strategy. The Reddit sessions are not for the fainthearted. They require extensive planning and substantial transparency. Read More »

Advantages of Social Media Listening for Market Research
Social media monitoring can supplement - or even replace - traditional market research. Social media monitoring and measurement produces market research that can be more accurate than traditional research methods - and faster and less expensive. Following this advice will help you get the most out of social media market research. Read More »
5 Ways Corporate Communications Can Reach Non-Wired Employees
Communicating with non-wired employees presents particular challenges to corporate communications. Many employees who are vital to their organizations lack the tools and the time to access the internet during work hours. A number of effective alternate communications methods can reach those employees. Read More »
Update to Google Analytics Eases Website Data Analysis - but Still Lacks Measurement for PR
PR and marketing professionals will be able to obtain information about web traffic more easily and more quickly now that Google Analytics can answer questions with natural language processing. However, it's essential to understand the limitations of Google Analytics for PR measurement. Read More »
Blockchains: New Technology Starting to Transform Data Sharing — and Marketing
Blockchains represent a major technological advance that may bring substantial benefits to marketers. Forward-thinking marketers will keep an eye on developing trends and consider how they can benefit from adopting blockchains in marketing programs. Read More »
So Much Data - So Few Meaningful Insights
Companies have more data than ever, but most of that data does not reveal meaningful insights or prompt better business decision-making. An increase in qualified analysts who can uncover actionable recommendations could help solve the challenge. Read More »
Most Viewed from Previous Issues
The New Super Influencers on Social Media: Animals
Image source: HubSpot
More brands realize that animals can be superb social media influencers. Dogs, cats and more exotic animals enjoy a natural charisma that attracts followers and gains outsized engagement. Read More »
Is PR Failing to Embrace New Technologies?
Some PR veterans say PR pros cling to obsolete practices and outdated tools. Others believe the profession has largely transitioned to a new digital environment, although room for improvement remains. Read More »
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