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The Coming of Fake Videos - Implications for PR

August 2017, Issue #2

Featured Post
The Coming of Fake Videos - Implications for PR
Fast-advancing technology will soon enable hoaxers to produce convincing fake videos and place their own words into the mouths of speakers on videos. Public relations teams will have a new risk to manage. Read More »

Court Decision on Facebook Comments Impacts PR & Social Media Managers
Image source: Wikimedia Commons
A recent court decision impacts community relations and PR professionals working for public officials. Public officials and their staff must handle critics according to court-mandated guidelines, even when they feel offended by their attacks. Read More »
7 Tips to Promote Boring Products
These ideas can help PR pros and marketers promote staid products and transform what people think unexciting into products and services they find interesting and desirable. Read More »
Generational Gap in Attitudes about CEO Activism
New research reveals a generational gap over attitudes toward CEO activism. Millennials are significantly more likely to buy products from and to work for companies if their CEOs take public stances on hot-button issues. Nonetheless, CEO activism does carry risks. Read More »
What Are the Meaningful Metrics for Nonprofits to Measure Success?
Measuring progress toward often ambiguous goals can be difficult for not-for-profit organizations. Nevertheless, with creativity and perseverance, nonprofits can measure their performance and gain worthwhile insights to help improve services. Read More »
The Role of Communications Pros in Improving Corporate Ethical Behavior
Internal communications programs that educate employees about ethics expectations and whistle blowing procedures can improve corporate ethics. Technological tools are now available to help communications teams monitor and analyze their internal communications. Read More »
Most Viewed from Previous Issues
Reddit Ask Me Anything Sessions Can Produce Big PR Benefits, but Danger Lurks
Image source: Wikimedia Commons
Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions offer a powerful but dangerous public relations and marketing strategy. The Reddit sessions are not for the fainthearted. They require extensive planning and substantial transparency. Read More »
Advantages of Social Media Listening for Market Research
Social media monitoring can supplement - or even replace - traditional market research. Social media monitoring and measurement produces market research that can be more accurate than traditional research methods - and faster and less expensive. Following this advice will help you get the most out of social media market research. Read More »
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