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Can Measuring Return on PR Spend Gain PR More Stature within C-Suite?

August 2017, Issue #4

Featured Post
Can Measuring Return on PR Spend Gain PR More Stature within C-Suite?
A new metric, return on PR spend, could help PR gain greater influence in the C-suite. Here's how the new metric and other methods, can earn PR greater stature within upper management — and the larger budgets that result. Read More »

12 Tips to Create Effective Marketing Videos on a Shoestring Budget
Businesses and nonprofit organizations don't necessarily need large budgets to produce interesting, quality videos. A few basic pieces of equipment and careful planning can lead to eye-catching videos that accomplish their objectives. Read More »
Augmented Reality to Enter Marketing Mainstream in Apple's New Operating System
Image source: Apple
Apple's new smartphone will include unprecedented augmented reality (AR) capabilities that are likely to popularize the evolving technology. Forward-thinking brands are pondering how to market their products through AR. Some are already developing AR campaigns. Read More »
CCOs Assume Leading Role as CEOs Speak Out on Political Issues
In a growing trend, more business leaders are wading into political issues and current events. As CEOs speak out more, chief communications officers (CCOs) are assuming more responsibilities in framing strategy and public statements. Read More »
How the Eclipse Lit Up Marketing & PR Tactics
Image source: NASA
The recent total solar eclipse offered a sensational PR and marketing opportunity for businesses across the U.S. Some commendable examples show how brands can capitalize on other special events and holidays with similar marketing and PR approaches. Read More »
Keys to Agile Marketing: How Brands Can Respond to Customer Input Faster
Consumers want companies to respond swiftly to their issues, needs, requests and suggestions. Here's how brands can benefit by reacting quickly to customer input. Read More »
Most Viewed from Previous Issues
How to Measure PR & Marketing on a Limited Budget
Most organizations don't have millions or even thousands to spend on media measurement. These methods can help organizations with limited funds affordably measure their PR and marketing. Read More »
5 Essential PR Metrics to Measure Earned Media
The days of evaluating public relations campaigns by counting clips and measuring column inches are long gone. PR pros now have new tools at their disposal that help analyze earned media accomplishments with new metrics to prove and improve communications effectiveness. Read More »
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