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The Massive Myth of Millennial Marketing

September 2017, Issue #1

Featured Post
The Massive Myth of Millennial Marketing
Many brands base their PR and marketing strategies on how they perceive millennials. A few PR and marketing experts - who are now supported by recent research — say marketing to millennials as a monolithic group is a mammoth mistake. Read More »

How Customer Service Can Thrive on Social Media - and Prevent PR Problems
Social media has become a leading customer service platform - and a potential source of PR nightmares. Brands without social media listening and brands that respond poorly risk an intensifying PR crisis. Those that respond promptly with professionalism and empathy will keep customers, gain new ones and avoid negative publicity. Read More »
How Aetna Responded to Its PR Crisis - And Its Next Possible Steps
Image source: FMP Consulting
By accidently revealing identities of HIV patients, Aetna created a customer relations problem and a potential PR crisis. Crisis experts applauded how Aetna responded to the problem and suggested steps the company can take to mitigate further damage. Read More »
10 Requisites for Landing Pages that Convert
Image source: MailChimp
Effective landing pages are an essential element for successful digital marketing. Following these methods will help marketers and designers produce landing pages that generate sales leads. Read More »
PR & Content Marketing Lessons from an Analysis of 800 Campaigns
Image source: Stacey Faulkerson via Flickr
An analysis of more than 800 content marketing campaigns provides insights into what types of content publishers prefer and what types of strategies and methods tend to win brand mentions and backlinks. Read More »
Hurricane Harvey Opens Flood Gates of Corporate Donations
Image source: Department of Defense
Hurricane Harvey's unprecedented flooding set records for property destruction and personal devastation. Corporate and individual donations to relief agencies in response to that destruction may also set records. Read More »
Most Viewed from Previous Issues
Can Measuring Return on PR Spend Gain PR More Stature within C-Suite?
A new metric, return on PR spend, could help PR gain greater influence in the C-suite. Here's how the new metric, along with other methods, can earn PR greater stature within upper management — and the larger budgets that result. Read More »
12 Tips to Create Effective Marketing Videos on a Shoestring Budget
Businesses and nonprofit organizations don't necessarily need large budgets to produce interesting, quality videos. A few basic pieces of equipment and careful planning can lead to eye-catching videos that accomplish their objectives. Read More »
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