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Why and How PR Can and Should Help the Dreamers' Cause

September 2017, Issue #2

Featured Post
Why and How PR Can and Should Help the Dreamers Cause
Image source: Obama White House Archives
Public relations professionals are uniquely qualified to make the case on behalf of Dreamers. A massive PR campaign can point out the cruelty of terminating DACA and deporting young people who entered the United States as children. The storytelling skills of PR pros can humanize the struggles of Dreamers, assess their economic value to the country, and highlight the moral imperative of renewing or improving DACA and allowing the Dreamers to stay legally. Every PR professional can contribute at least one story - or promote others' stories to gain the support of Congress and prevent the travesty of mass deportation. Start, please, by sharing this article. Read More »

Most Nonprofits Now Realize Value of Media Measurement & Classify It Essential
Most nonprofit executives now consider media monitoring and measurement a must-have. Executives have become willing to allocate funds for media measurement. The next step for the nonprofit sector is to adopt measurement best practices that deliver accurate and meaningful assessments of their communications efforts. Read More »
The Secret to Successfully Following-up PR Pitches to Journalists and Bloggers
Following-up properly after sending pitches to journalists, bloggers and other online influencers is among the vital PR skills. Practicing specific do's and don'ts can help achieve greater success in following-up pitches. Read More »
Dos and Donts of Tweeting During Natural Disasters
Image source: Texas Army National Guard
Use of Twitter jumps during natural disasters, yet tweeting during such times poses risks to brands. Natural disasters are ideal times to express sympathy and support and poor times to promote products. And "doing" beats "talking." Read More »
How Marketing, PR and CEOs can Best Use LinkedIns New Native Video
LinkedIn's new native video is a boon for PR and marketing pros. Native video offers many possible uses and is far superior to the old system of embedded links to other video platforms. Read More »
8 Sure Ways to Optimize Your Website for Voice Search
As voice search becomes increasingly common, voice search optimization has become one of the most important digital marketing trends. Marketers who optimize their web pages for voice search will attract more visitors to their websites and gain a competitive advantage. Read More »
Most Viewed from Previous Issues
The Massive Myth of Millennial Marketing
Many brands base their PR and marketing strategies on how they perceive millennials. A few PR and marketing experts — who are now supported by recent research — say marketing to millennials as a monolithic group is a mammoth mistake. Read More »
How Customer Service Can Thrive on Social Media - and Prevent PR Problems
Social media has become a leading customer service platform - and a potential source of PR nightmares. Brands without social media listening and brands that respond poorly risk an intensifying PR crisis. Those that respond promptly with professionalism and empathy will keep customers, gain new ones and avoid negative publicity. Read More »
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