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The Fallacy of the PR Services Triple Play

October 2017, Issue #1

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The Fallacy of the PR Services Triple Play
The "triple play" package that combines phone, internet and television services offers greater benefit to the cable company than their customers. The PR version of triple play of media database, press release distribution, and media monitoring and measurement suffers from the same problem: no one vendor offers the best of all three services and customers often end up paying for services they don't use. PR departments and agencies can usually obtain better results and lower costs by purchasing the services from different vendors. Read More »

10 Important Trends in PR Measurement
New tools and greater awareness of the importance of measurement mean PR is gaining greater recognition and regard for its successes. Here's what to expect in the new and improved future of PR measurement. Read More »
FTC Cites Influencers for Disclosure Violations - What Brands Must Know
In a first regulatory enforcement of its kind, the FTC accused social media influencers of failing to disclose financial relationships with brands they endorsed. The action highlights the importance of clear disclosure that endorsers received some sort of remuneration. PR and marketing pros can protect their brands by following SEC guidelines. Read More »
The Truth about When to Post on Social Media
Social media marketers would love to know the best times to post on social media, but answers remain elusive and studies produce contradictory answers. The truth about when to post may be surprising. Read More »
Social Listening: The Crucial First Step in Social Media Marketing & Sales
Social selling will become the dominant channel for B2B sales, new research predicts. Social media listening is the first and most important step to ramping up sales through social media. Read More »
Inadequate Digital Marketing Caused the Toys R Us Bankruptcy
Image source: Wikimedia Commons
Toys R Us was slow to embrace digital marketing and ecommerce. That sluggishness contributed to its recent bankruptcy filing. The company's troubles demonstrate what can happen when marketing practices don't keep pace with consumers' changing shopping habits. Read More »
Most Viewed from Previous Issues
8 Ways to Dump Useless Metrics & Achieve Better PR Measurement
PR teams often track and analyze too many metrics that are outdated, unhelpful and consume precious time and energy. Dumping bad metrics can help PR focus on a handful of meaningful metrics that bring clarity to PR measurement. Read More »
Better Ways to Debunk Fake News: New Research
New research offers valuable advice on how to debunk fake news and misinformation. People often stubbornly cling to falsehoods, especially if they offer simple explanations. However, PR professionals and other fact checkers can combat false news reports with tenacity and the right tools. Read More »
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