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Win More Media Mentions with Data Public Relations

October 2017, Issue #2

Featured Post
Win More Media Mentions with Data Public Relations
Journalists have embraced data journalism. Reporters' fondness for data-driven stories offers public relations teams a sizable opportunity. PR teams can analyze public databases, their company's internal data, and social media to uncover insights that will gain the attention of journalists. Original surveys can produce interesting new data that's highly relevant to news sources in a PR niche. Read More »

New Research: Your Competitors PR Crisis Also Damages Your Companys Reputation
Image source: Mike Mozart via Flickr
The Wells Fargo PR crisis damaged reputations of other large banks, new research shows. The finding shows that one company's scandal can impact an entire industry. Astute PR pros can protect their brands by continually monitoring public sentiment and distinguishing themselves from wayward competitors. Read More »
Publishers Stumble in their Pivot to Video - What Marketers Can Learn
Major media publishers that pivoted to video have seen their costs increase and their website traffic drop. Marketing and PR can learn from the publishers' mistakes. Read More »
Twitter to End 140-Character Limit: Why Brands Should Stick to Brevity
Twitter may end its distinctive 140-character limit and double the maximum allowed characters for tweets. Brands will have more space to push their PR and marketing messages. That doesn't necessarily mean they should fill it. Twitter users disdain longer promotional messages. Brevity works better. Read More »
Are Print Magazines Finished? Maybe Not
The common assumption is that print magazines are struggling financially and disappearing in droves, but some are holding their own and even doing quite well. PR pros can find valuable promotional outlets by targeting those niche publications. Read More »
How B2B Marketers Grapple with Loss of Access to LinkedIn Groups
LinkedIn's decision to shut down its API for its groups prompted worries in B2B marketing circles. Marketers and other professionals are analyzing the impact of the decision and re-evaluating their LinkedIn marketing strategies. Read More »
Most Viewed from Previous Issues
The Fallacy of the PR Services Triple Play
The "triple play" package that combines phone, internet and television services offers greater benefit to the cable company than their customers. The PR version of triple play of media database, press release distribution, and media monitoring and measurement suffers from the same problem: no one vendor offers the best of all three services and customers often end up paying for services they don't use. PR departments and agencies can usually obtain better results and lower costs by purchasing the services from different vendors. Read More »
10 Important Trends in PR Measurement
New tools and greater awareness of the importance of measurement mean PR is gaining greater recognition and regard for its successes. Here's what to expect in the new and improved future of PR measurement. Read More »
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